Training seminar Interdisciplinarity(s) in action: the challenges of training

The Mission interdisciplinarité(s) and the École de Développement des Talents are jointly organizing the training seminar "Interdisciplinarité(s) en action: les défis de la formation", the aim of which is to highlight interdisciplinary approaches, and to capitalize on and disseminate best practices within Aix-Marseille Université and its partners.
Work will focus on putting interdisciplinary approaches into practice through a variety of schemes and experiences in training and teaching projects.

This event, organized around two key events, seeks to remove structural obstacles to interdisciplinarity by experimenting with practices that facilitate and encourage it:

  • A morning of sharing and debate with speakers from the Conseil pour le développement de l'Interdisciplinarité (Council for the Development of Interdisciplinarity), followed by testimonials from the ARKAIA and NEUROMARSEILLE institutes, illustrating the integration of interdisciplinarity in the field of training.

  • An afternoon organized around participative workshops on the following themes:

- Why interdisciplinarity in training? The reasons behind interdisciplinary approaches.

- Can we dare interdisciplinarity in training? From proven obstacles to solutions.

- Co-constructing the main principles of an interdisciplinary training project.

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Cycle Inter-disciplines de l'Iméra:

Professor Frédéric DARBELLAY will honor us with his presence over two days as an expert on interdisciplinarity. He will speak on November 29 at the second interdisciplinary development council / training seminar, and on November 30 at Iméra for the major conference L'interdisciplinarité: Qui? Who? What? How? Why?

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