Summer school ISSPAM 2024: Methods and challenges in public health sciences

ISSPAM is organising its second "Methods and Challenges in Public Health Sciences" summer school in a hybrid format, from 10 to 21 June 2024 in Marseille.

French version link 🇫🇷 

The International Summer School Methods and Challenges in Public Health Sciences is organised by ISSPAM and its members from the various Research Units of the Institute.
The aim of this interdisciplinary approach is to train students to understand, analyse and explain public health problems in the North and the South. It includes theoretical, practical and participatory teaching in different fields using qualitative and quantitative methods in public health sciences.

The modules and the symposium are in hybrid format, i.e. face-to-face in Marseille and live online.

Full details in the brochure.


As part of its summer school, ISSPAM is organising a symposium entitled "Quelles intelligences pour la santé publique? "on Thursday 13 June 2024 in Marseille in French only.
The state of health of populations, the study of their determinants and their health needs are mobilising and raising questions in the face of the many current challenges and public health issues.
The aim of the symposium, entitled "What intelligences for public health?", is to provide a collective perspective on a range of public health issues, based on a 360-degree view of complementary angles of analysis.
This symposium brings together 4 speakers around 4 themes, proposed by each of the 4 speakers. In 18 minutes, each speaker presents a theme and submits it to the other 3 speakers for their thoughts, analysis and vision, each of whom has 360 seconds to do so. This round table is completed by debates between the speakers and with the participants to generate collective intelligence and a 360-degree vision.

Find out more on the page dedicated to the symposium (registration deadline: 6 June 2024).

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Who can attend?


Master's level students


symposium bringing together internationally renowned figures
PhD students and Postdocs


training modules to be chosen à la carte
Health professionals and academics



Modules list

🏫 Face to face 💻   on line  🇫🇷  French language  🇬🇧  English language
🏫 💻 METSURV - Analyse de Survie Avancée 🇫🇷🏫 PROM - Patients Reported Outcomes 🇫🇷
🏫 💻  INFPROF - Programming fundamentals for health data 🇬🇧 🏫 💻 ETHIQAPP - De l’éthique médicale à l’éthique appliquée en recherche biomédicale sur la personne
humaine 🇫🇷
🏫 💻 METMALE - Methods of machine learning 🇬🇧 🏫 RPART - Recherche Participative 🇫🇷
🏫 💻 VALDON - Spatialiser les relation environnement et santé dans les Suds, quelle valeur pour quelles
données ? 🇫🇷
🏫 💻 DEMETHIQ - Démarches éthiques dans la recherche en santé publique et sciences humaines et
sociales en santé 🇫🇷
🏫 💻 ANTHROPOS - Introduction à l’anthropologie de la santé et à l’ethnographie 🇫🇷🏫 💻 EVALECO - Évaluation économique de politiques et interventions de santé 🇫🇷

For prices and timetable of modules and the symposium, see the documents available to download.


Hybrid format modules:

  • Face-to-face: Faculty of Medical and Paramedical Sciences at La Timone, Marseille
  • Online (link sent after registration)


Registration opens: mid-March 2024

Closing date for registrations: 15 May 2024

Steps :

  1. Fill in the registration form on the following link:
  2. At the same time, pay for your registration at the following link:
    (Detailed procedure on this link)

Registration is only validated once the registration form has been sent and payment has been made. You will receive confirmation by e-mail.

The opening of a module depends on the number of registrations. If a module is cancelled, participants will be reimbursed. No other reimbursement will be considered.

Terms of payment :

By credit card

By bank transfer via RIB (link to AMU RIB here) with the following subject line: ISSPAM - Symposium - your name

By bank transfer via order form for institutional registrations to be sent by email to The order form should be sent to : ISSPAM - Faculté des Sciences Médicales et Paramédicales, 27 boulevard Jean Moulin 13005 Marseille


In order to ensure equal opportunities, a number of grants will be awarded to students from countries with limited resources who wish to participate in our summer school and do not receive any financial support. 

Recipients of a grant will be reimbursed for part of their tuition fees.

You can apply for the grants via the registration link. To apply for one of the grants you must be registered for the summer school: questionnaire completed and payment made. No scholarship application will be considered if the applicant has not finalised and paid his/her registration.

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