Summer intensive courses

Photo étudiants dans un champ lavande

Take our intensive French language and culture courses in Provence this summer!

The SUFLE becomes the SUL, the Service Universitaire des Langues, resulting from the merger between the SUFLE and the MIRREL.
A new website is under construction.

Summer 2023 sessions

The SUL organises every summer 2-week French language and culture courses; spread over 4 sessions, between May 29th and August 31t, 2023, for a total of 40 hours of training.

Placement tests (to harmonise language levels between groups) are organised before each session and are compulsory for new students. They are usually conducted online.

Summer 2023 sessions

Summer 2023 sessions will be offered either on-site (face-to-face) or remotely (online).
A cultural outing is organised during the on-site sessions.

  • From 5/29 to 6/9/2023: Online
  • From 06/19 to 06/30 2023: On-site
  • From 03/07 to 15/07 2023:  On-site
  • From 08/21 to 08/31 2023: On-site

Dates and registration details will be posted on this page shortly.

Registration fees:

Per course of 40 hours of French language training:

  • Online course: 500€
  • On-site course with cultural outing: 550€
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