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Highlights from a student's testimonial within AMU - OSU Pytheas


" I chose Aix-Marseille University without any hesitation because I was able to find a course that corresponded in every way to what I was looking for."

"Studying abroad in a language that is not your own makes you grow a lot. Today, I feel much more capable of taking on new challenges."


I thought it was a bureaucratic mess, but I was able to get organized and received good guidance to get through it!

Our students answer our questions!

**The answers to the questions have been shortened, the interviews in their entirety will soon be available on you tube!

Why did you choose Aix-Marseille University rather than another university in France?

Omar - I chose Aix-Marseille University without any hesitation because I was able to find a program that corresponded in every way to what I was looking for. The support offered to me by my Master's director and the University's International Relations Department, with whom I exchanged numerous emails and Whatsapp messages, finally convinced me!
Javiera - It's the same for me! I chose AMU because it offers one of the best Masters in Marine Sciences, especially in my field (biogeochemistry). To be honest, I also chose this university for its state-of-the-art infrastructures and its location. Being able to study near the sea is really a plus!
Camilo - For my part, I thought of France because I knew that education was affordable there and because I had already been learning French for some time. I chose AMU because only this university, as well as a group of Parisian universities, offered a master's degree in the field that interests me.

Has your life, habits and activities changed since you arrived in France?

Javiera - I don't have as much time as I would like to play sports and travel, although I try to do so when my university obligations allow it... it's not easy to study a master's degree in a language that is not your own.
Omar - That's exactly it, here every minute counts for me but it has allowed me to gain autonomy and to learn to manage my budget!
Camilo - Personally, it's a little easier for me since I live right next to the university, which was not the case in Colombia.

What differences did you perceive between the courses and teaching methods at our university and your home university and how did you perceive them?

Camilo - I like the fact that in France there are different types of courses: lectures, tutorials, practical work.
Javiera - For me the biggest difference is the exams. Here we are only evaluated at the end of the semester. Our future depends on a few grades, which makes things more difficult in my opinion.
Omar - What I like here is that we put into practice all the theory that we learn throughout the year.

Tell us about a place in the university that you frequent and that you like.

Camilo - I really like the time I spend at the university restaurant because I find it a great place to meet people and decompress.
Omar - Without any hesitation the Saint Jerome library, my second home!

What is your top 3 places you've discovered in the area?

All together - Notre Dame de la Garde, the Belvedere and the garden of the Puget Hill

Today, do you have the same perception of France as when you arrived? How has it changed?

Camilo - I thought it was a bureaucratic mess, but I was able to get organized and I received good support to get through it!
Omar - Not at all! I thought I was going to have integration problems when I was still in my country of origin. In the end, I integrated easily and quickly with my French and international colleagues.
Javiera - Before coming to France, I thought it was a perfect country, which is obviously not the case! I like the fact that in France, we can dream of a better future, with real and good job opportunities, a peaceful life that assures us of the basic rights that every human being needs.u

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Omar - As I am interested in the environment and in particular the climate, I want to be a researcher in order to find sustainable solutions to mitigate the climate change that concerns us all today.
Javiera - For me this is a difficult question! I am very nomadic, but I think that in 5 years I will still be in France. I hope to be working as an oceanographer in a research laboratory.
Camilo - I see myself working as a teacher-researcher at the border between theoretical computer science and mathematical logic in a European university.

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