SFPC - Continuing Professional Development Service

Aix-Marseille Université and its ISO 9001 certified Continuing Professional Development department will support you in your training projects and strategies. All the continuing education services are Qualicert and FCU certified. As part of this quality approach, we are referenced in the Datadock referencing tool, which enables us to be integrated into the reference catalogues of vocational training funders and thus benefit from joint or public funding.


1. Presentation

In collaboration with our public and private partners in research and business, we are committed to a process of continuous improvement of our training and service offer, in order to adapt to the new needs of individuals and companies. With its capacity for innovation and its offer of training excellence, Aix-Marseille University helps society's players in the development of their skills. As such, it implements and offers services adapted to current issues, for both individuals and companies.

1.1 Benefits of continuing education
It promotes the employability of individuals, the competitiveness of enterprises and the accessibility of knowledge and research. It is a real challenge for companies, which must constantly adapt employees' skills to individual aspirations and market needs in order to remain competitive.

1.2 Target groups for continuing training
Continuing vocational training - as part of lifelong learning - is aimed at people entering working life who wish to deepen or complete their training, with a view to requalifying, updating or broadening their skills. Set up by the universities, the continuing education offer is accessible regardless of the age of the adult applicant, his or her level of education and professional situation. Employees, job seekers, individuals and communities can therefore benefit from it.

1.3 What about students?
Accessible to the student public, work-linked training combines a theoretical learning phase at university with a practical learning phase in a company. There are two types of contracts for work-linked training: the apprenticeship contract and the professionalization contract.

1.4 The services offered
The services offered by continuing education mainly cover three main areas:

  • Consulting and project development for individuals and companies;
  • Modular and adapted training courses;
  • Targeted support for professional development and retraining assistance.

1.5 The Continuing Vocational Training Service - SFPC team

The headquarters of the common service is in Aix, and we also have a branch at the Faculty of Sciences on the site of St. Charles.


2. Quality approach

A major lever for professional development and competitiveness, the joint continuing vocational training service, SFPC, coordinates and leads within AMU the policy of its President, under the aegis of the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Labour. In 2017, the SFPC, already ISO 9001 certified since 2012, led all AMU's continuing education towards the FCU Véritas and Qualicert QOF quality certifications required by the funders. The quality approach is fully in line with the requirements and quality criteria set out in the law of 5 March 2014 on vocational training, employment and social democracy.

2.1 ISO 9001 standard
The ISO 9001 standard is an international standard, it defines the requirements of a quality management system: the main aim of this approach is to improve the services offered but also to increase the satisfaction of internal and external beneficiaries. Certification is granted for a period of 3 years by an accredited body with an initial audit, followed by renewal audits every 3 years and follow-up audits every year to measure the proper functioning and evolution of the quality system. The general philosophy of the quality approach is part of a process of continuous improvement, therefore it is a source of progress, innovation and is a major lever in the management of teams. It is a tool that promotes change in terms of :

  • Human resources: organization, mobilization and dynamization of teams
  • Planning and supervision of training activities
    • Implementation of procedures and transparency
  • Project development and management: milestone management and reliability
  • Evaluation of the services offered: traceability, vigilance and satisfaction measurement

2.2 Rules of Procedure and General Conditions of Sale
Like any public institution, the Continuing Professional Training Department has its own internal regulations for the attention of any person involved in continuing professional training. The training market is subject to certain rules of commercial activity, the sales processes of which respond to a legal framework surrounding the transaction. The general terms and conditions of sale are legal and mandatory information that form the basis of commercial negotiation. They make it possible to define the responsibility of each of the parties, buyer and seller, and to limit disputes.

2.3 Certificates
Logo certification formation professionnelle continue


3. Follow-up of the continuing education (CE) activity

The SFPC, as the guarantor of the institution's policy, ensures the framework and development of continuing education. The pricing of the diplomas specific to continuing education and those with courses adapted for CF trainees, is submitted each year to the opinion of the Council of Training and University Life and validated by the Board of Directors:

Continuing education trainees have the possibility to follow either specific training courses or national diplomas present at the university. This activity is monitored on the basis of various indicators over the course of the year.


Contact information

Eric Valério
VP Delegate for Continuing Education and Alternation
Service Director

Email: eric.valerio@univ-amu.fr

Marella Lewandowski
Deputy Director

E-mail: marella.lewandowski@univ-amu.fr

Céline Bonnin
Executive Assistant and Communication
E-mail: celine.cornu@univ-amu.fr

Address Aix-en-Provence
Hotel Maynier d'Oppède
23 rue Gaston de Saporta
13625 Aix-en-Provence cedex 1
Tel : 04 42 60 42 80
Email: fpc-contact@univ-amu.fr
Public Reception: 9am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-5pm

Address Marseille
Saint Charles Centre
3 place Victor Hugo
13331 Marseille cedex 3
Tel: 04 13 55 08 72
Email: fpc-contact@univ-amu.fr
Public Reception: 9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm

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