Scientific integrity

Scientific integrity governs the researcher's activity by rules and values that guarantee its honesty and rigour.
It is the basis of the contract between science and society. The Scientific Integrity Referent within AMU is the point of entry for the university community on any question relating to scientific integrity, which will be treated in strict confidence.

Main missions of the Scientific Integrity Referent

Respect for scientific integrity is enshrined in the research code: 'Scientific integrity helps to guarantee the impartiality of research and the objectivity of its results'.

  • To assist the president of the university in any matter relating to scientific integritý and the management of conflict of interest situations in the field of research and valorisation
  • To exercise a watch over the implementation of a scientific integrity policy by the institution
  • Collect all allegations of alleged breaches of integrity (plagiarism, fraud, falsification of data, concealment of conflicts of interest, non-respect of colleagues, collaborators or subjects of experiments, etc.)
  • Investigate complaints and carry out all necessary investigations in order to advise the university president's decision
  • To set up a mediation for all situations of conflicts related to research activities that are reported to him
  • To ensure also a mission of sensitization to scientific integrity by means of training actions.
  • Participate in the National Network of Scientific Integrity Advisors, which allows for exchanges with other higher education and research institutions in France.
Contact information

Professor Pierre Jean Weiller