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Service pour le Respect et l'Egalité Aix Marseille Université

Given the scale of the phenomenon of sexist and sexual violence, discrimination and harassment in contemporary society, it seemed necessary for the university, which is strongly committed to these issues, to create a department fully dedicated to the prevention of such violence: the Service pour le Respect et l'Égalité (SpRE).
This internal, independent, professionalized service is unique in France, making Aix-Marseille Université a pioneer in this field.



Staff, students
You can contact the Respect and Equality service.
by phone 04 13 550 550
by e-mail

  1. Introducing the service

The Respect and Equality Service is :

  • a one-stop shop within the university for situations of sexual and gender-based violence (and all forms of discrimination and harassment.
  • a place for listening preventionand treatment.
  • composed of a multidisciplinary team : legal, psychological and social.
  • compassionate support and confidentiality.


  1. Public concerned

This service is intended for all members of the University of Aix-Marseille:

  • staff,
  • students.

Any member, as a victim or witness, can report acts of discrimination, harassment, racism, SGBV, LGBTiphobia, transphobia...


*Witnesses from outside AMU can also contact the SpRE to report a case*.


  1. The department's missions

The department's objectives are

  • Prevention (through awareness-raising and training)
  • Treatment (internal or external to AMU)
  • Cessation of the disorder (mediation, coaching, reframing, etc.)


As part of the support offered by the service, Spre respects the autonomy of the person making the alert: no measure will be adopted without the will of the person making the alert.

In certain situations, alerts can be made anonymously.


  1. How to contact us

By appointment only.

By telephone: 04 13 550 550

By e-mail :


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