Public procurement

commande publique

The main mission of the Public Procurement Department, as part of the University's procurement policy, is to ensure the award and performance of public contracts such as:
- public procurement
- concessions
- public-private partnerships
- authorizations for temporary occupation of the public domain (AOT)

1. presentation of the management

The conclusion of contracts is likely, depending on the purpose and amount, to respect a certain formalism.

1.1 Publication: notices of competitive tenders are likely to be published:

  • the Official Bulletin of Public Procurement Announcements (BOAMP), Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)
  • and/or in other legal journals, magazines or specialized sites.

1.2 Withdrawal of the consultation file

the Business Consultation Dossiers (BCD) can be consulted and/or downloaded on the State Purchasing Platform (PLACE)
The download address is also mentioned in the notice of invitation to tender.

1.3 Submission of applications and offers

The filing procedures are indicated in the consultation rules specific to each procedure, in particular via PLACE.

2. Purchasing policy

The University of Aix-Marseille's purchasing policy is based on two main areas:

2.1 The purchasing strategy:

  • Economic performance of purchasing
  • Sustainable development and responsible purchasing
  • Development of innovation

2.2 The legal certainty of public procurement procedures is reflected in particular in:

  • The scope of Decree No. 2016-360 of 25 March 2016 on public procurement in university expenditure
  • Respect for ethics. The code of ethics is a major document of the purchasing policy accessible to all University employees and economic operators.
  • Small amount purchases: Some purchases, very punctual and of small amount, can be made on a simple purchase order. Suppliers are alerted to the fact that the University is subject to the rules of public procurement and public accounting. The Purchase Orders systematically refer to the general terms and conditions of purchase which prevail over the general terms and conditions of sale.

Useful links

Appendix 1: Ethics charter for purchasing
Appendix 2: General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Publication sites :

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