Professionalization courses "à la carte".

The SUPFLES "à la carte" professionalization courses
on site or exported

1. Description of "à la carte" courses

  • SUPFLES professionalization courses are organized on fixed dates (such as the summer university) but also "à la carte" according to specifications defined by the interested structures.
  • Although, in accordance with the SUPFLES spirit, the training courses favour the creative dimension in the FLE (French as a Foreign Language) classroom, the themes proposed below remain open.
  • It is thus possible to adapt the theme of a course, its contents and duration to meet specific needs.
  • The SUPFLES professionalization courses can take place on the AMU site or in structures abroad that request it.

2. Prices of the SUPFLES " à la carte " courses*.

  • 6 h Module (1 day): 500 €.
  • 10 h Module (2 days): 800 €.

* Contact us for a personalised offer

3. Proposed modules

The list below presents an inventory of the different modules classified by themes.
Detailed descriptions are available under the link "A la carte training of trainers"**.

The modules offered in the framework of the summer course can also be organised on an à la carte basis and/or in a longer format.

** This file is being enriched as time goes on, bearing in mind that the short modules of the summer university can also be offered throughout the year in a longer and more in-depth format.

Creativity of the teacher (general)

Designing and running a language course for children

Set up a group dynamic and create the pleasure of learning.

Communicating with your hands: The different aspects of gesture in the FLE/S class

To set up an action-oriented pedagogy in the FLE class oriented towards a creative project.

Pedagogical Differentiation and Teacher Creativity

Creativity and teaching with digital technology

Digital in the FLE class

Set up a hybrid course in FLE

Reversing your class in FLE class

Around certain language objectives and abilities

Set up a global simulation

Towards a re-creative approach to grammar

Interculturality in FLE/S classes

Exploiting the mother tongue of learners in FLE courses

Teaching colloquial French

Creativity and artistic and playful practices

Literature in FLE classes

La francophonie intérieure: listening to the language, before and during the FLE/S class

Teaching FLE and mutual understanding of cultures: an intercultural approach to literature

Theatrical practice at the service of FLE teaching

Elaborate a film project in FLE class

Poetry and Painting: Art and Words

Practice creative writing

Games and creativity

Other themes

Become a reflective practitioner

Creation of a language resource centre for the individualisation of training courses and the empowerment of learners

Grammar in FLE class

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