PIX-Certify your digital skills!

1. The PIX certificate

Logo Pixis an online public service for the assessment, development and certification of digital skills. PIX, based on the European DIGCOMP reference framework, will enable you to acquire digital skills that are essential for your university studies but also for your professional future. The university implemented the PIX certification at the beginning of the 2018-2019 academic year and stops issuing the C2i level 1.

This new certificate does not refer to a level of study, but is intended for a continuum from student to professional and from student to professional and concerns various audiences: school, university, employees,...

Based on a competency framework similar to that of C2i level 1, it includes 5 competency areas:

  • Information and data,
  • Collaboration and communication,
  • Content creation,
  • Protection and security,
  • Digital environment.

You can consult a more complete description of the repository on the PIX website. Each of these domains has 8 levels (currently only levels 1 to 5-6 exist), so the assessment of these competencies is done on a national platform. It is thus possible to measure your digital skills by passing positioning tests on this platform.

⦿ You can test your digital skills by creating an account on the PIX platform and passing the 16 challenges. ⦿

1.1. Acquire digital skills to improve your PIX score

PIX training is integrated in some training courses (L2 Law and ALLSH, some IUT training, IMPGT,...), but not everywhere. There are no plans to date to train you.

1.2 How to pass a PIX certification

Certification takes place in 2 steps: first of all, you must test your digital skills by passing challenges. Once this is done, the university may offer to offer you a certification.

Test PIX skills

To be able to obtain a PIX certification, you must first have obtained a level in at least 5 skills. Below, the certification is not accessible on the platform. To do this, you must pass at least 5 of the 16 questionnaires or challenges. To obtain certification in all areas, it will be necessary to pass the 16 challenges. Each challenge lasts an average of 30 minutes, although you can take as long as you need to complete them (there is no timing of the challenges). It is possible to stop during the passage of a challenge. It is then sufficient to reconnect to the platform to be able to continue it. You can repeat the challenges every 7 days.

⦿ The overall level is expressed by a number of PIX that will be a maximum of 1024. ⦿

Passing a PIX certification

Passing the certification corresponds to a particular challenge that will test the levels you have obtained during the passage of the previous challenges. It takes place in a supervised computer room, on one of the university's sites, and lasts 2 hours in total (the challenge takes place in 1h30 maximum). Certification is a formal way of attesting to the level you have reached in each field. Normally, there is no failure at certification. At worst, you will get a lower level than expected. It is therefore quite possible to obtain a certification with a level 3 in domain 1, 6 in domain 2, etc....

Niveau des compétences Pix

However, the PIX certification system may not certify you if it has doubts about the veracity of your positioning. This could happen especially if you have not personally overcome the positioning challenges.

For more information, you can consult the PIX Student Guide.

⦿ To date, certification is only possible in the context of training courses integrating PIX. This year, the university will set up an access to PIX certification. ⦿

2. The PIX challenge

The university will set up a PIX challenge to reward the students who have obtained the highest score in PIX. Find out more about the PIX challenge on the next page.

This challenge will be carried out in partnership with MGEN.


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