TIGER Project

PIA 3 Action 3.1 " Large Research Universities " - AAP SFRI " Structuring training through research in Idex " : TIGER Project " Transform and Innovate in Graduate Education with Research " 23 000 000€ for 9 years (started on 22/06/2020)

Aix-Marseille Université (AMU), the largest French-speaking university in the world in terms of student numbers, was founded in 2012. Since then, with the support of its A*Midex excellence initiative carried out with its partners on the Aix-Marseille site, it has made rapid progress towards its ambition of becoming an interdisciplinary university among the best in the world. At the same time, it has gained local recognition and is now considered a must by socio-economic players in the metropolis and beyond. This dynamic has benefited the university community in its various disciplines, thanks to the A*Midex calls for projects and several other projects obtained at the national or European level.

The most recent and symbolic of these successes is the CIVIS European University, which links AMU with eight other European universities and opens up new opportunities for our community. Regarding teaching, the A*Midex Academy of Excellence program and the transforming projects obtained via the future investment program (Convergence Institutes, University Research Schools...) or the EU (EMJMD, CoFund...) aim to strengthen M and D level training based on cutting-edge research. In 2019, to go further and better use its research potential for the benefit of improving its training offer, AMU has created 16 new interdisciplinary research and training institutes with its A*Midex partners. Designed to spearhead the structural transformation of the training-research link in the site's best and most promising scientific fields, they currently bring together one-third of the students enrolled in M and D programs.

Presented in response to the SFRI call for projects, TIGER (Transforming and Innovating Graduate Education through Research) is the cornerstone and gas pedal of this transformation strategy, based on the institutes and articulated around 3 axes aiming to

  • Introduce more of our M and D students to research to ensure a more effective training and the acquisition of new skills,
  • Increase their international experience (through mobility and an integrated approach to internationalization of the curriculum),
  • Increase their opportunities to work with and learn from the socio-economic world.
  • To achieve these objectives, TIGER will establish a common set of specifications based on a stronger link between training and research, a competency-based approach and experiential learning through active training of students by researchers, companies and internationally, and a better coherence of students' career paths according to their professional and training projects, as well as societal challenges. More demanding recruitment processes and a reinforced quality approach will also be implemented.

TIGER will be deployed in three stages, starting with a small number of pioneering programs within the institutes. These programs will develop their own transformation roadmap, and will commit to a contract of objectives and resources, before being evaluated and awarded the "TIGER" label. Financial and administrative support will be provided to the pioneering educational teams, to facilitate and encourage the participation of teachers in the transformation and to better value the involvement of researchers in these programs. In a second phase in 2024, at the time of the re-accreditation of the training offer and the extension of the DREAM-U undergraduate transformation program, TIGER will be expanded to include twice as many Master's programs and their associated doctoral programs. Finally, after the mid-term evaluation, TIGER will be generalized to most of our graduate offerings and its features will become standard for our Master's students and PhDs.

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TIGER Project
Transform and Innovate in Graduate Education with Research
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