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The PANORAMA (Pour l'Accompagnement à l'Orientation et à la Réussite à Aix-Marseille, Avignon et Toulon) program, a winner of the France 2030 investment program, is one of AMU's six structural projects. It aims to provide high school students with human, concrete and diversified support in their orientation towards higher education.

The PANORAMA project aims to set up an integrated ecosystem in favor of the orientation of high school students in the Aix-Marseille and Var region. Each year, the project offers information, support and immersion activities to high school students as well as meetings with secondary school actors in the framework of the bac-3/bac+3 articulation, in close collaboration with the universities of Avignon and Toulon and other actors in the field of orientation and insertion within the territories.

This territory is characterized by both a large high school population and a very diverse public. This ecosystem will draw on the experience we have already acquired to provide all high school students with concrete and adapted guidance services. It will be guided by 4 fundamental principles:

  • Ensure that the self-esteem, confidence and autonomy of high school students are reinforced, with particular attention to disadvantaged and "remote" groups;
  • To rely on the value of example by promoting contacts between high school students and young professionals;
  • Prioritize face-to-face programs to provide guidance to high school students, while also encouraging their use of the most useful digital resources;
  • Adopt a co-construction approach that closely associates high school and higher education teams, regional and national guidance actors, as well as the socio-economic actors of our territory.

The core of the PANORAMA project is centered around 5 actions aiming to provide high school students with human, concrete and diversified support in their orientation towards higher education. These actions have been developed based on our territory's experience in this area, and to respond to the 3 main issues that condition a successful orientation:

  • "Informing me about the possibilities", with 2 actions aiming to deploy local information sessions in high schools and their neighborhoods (action #1) and to develop in addition theuse of digital resources dedicated to guidance by relying more on the practices and digital tools favored by high school students (action #2) ;
  • "To be accompanied and supported in my reflection", with workshops to develop the ability to orient oneself, set up and led with the high schools' pedagogical teams (action #3);
  • "Projecting myself concretely into the future", thanks to immersion programs in higher education to discover in situ training and student life (action #4), and immersion in local companies, with meetings and games involving professional situations (action #5).

In addition, a transversal action aimed at field actors (e.g. teachers, librarians, CPEs, AEDs, psychologists) will allow us to animate the guidance community throughout our territory and to progressively enrich the measures taken by the project. This action aims to support innovative initiatives proposed within the territory's high schools and to organize exchange workshops between secondary and higher education actors.
The deployment of the project is based on a collaborative approach to ensure the overall coherence of activities in the territory. It targets high schools with a high proportion of REP/REP+ students and high schools far from major university centers.

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Scientific and Technical Manager

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Identity card of the project
logo France 2030
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Name of the project PANORAMA
Carried by Aix-Marseille Université
Year of labeling 2020
Total budget 21 million euros
France 2030 grant 7.5 million euros
Project partners

Avignon University, University of Toulon, Centrale Marseille, Science Po Aix, PACA education authority, South PACA region, AFEV, Article 1, Cap au Nord Entreprendre, CPME 13, Sortie d'Amphi, Association Elles bougent, EDF, Visionari, 100 000 entrepreneurs, Jobirl, Info jeunes PACA, Cité des métiers de Marseille et de PACA

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