Program : The Fonds de solidarité pour les projets innovants, les sociétés civiles, la francophonie et le développement humain (FSPI-R) (Solidarity Fund for Innovative Projects, Civil Societies, the French-speaking World and Human Development) enables embassies to carry out innovative, rapid-impact actions in the field for the benefit of local populations.
Action: Setting up a trilingual Master's degree at the University of Seychelles: support for the creation of the model and content, start of the drafting of a trilingual grammar
Thematic: Trilingual Master's degree (Creole, French, English)
Key words: trilingualism, Creole, French, English, comparative grammar
Duration: 12 months, from November 7, 2023 to November 6, 2024
Total budget: 63,700 euros, including 34,200 paid to AMU
Coordinator: Sibylle Kriegel, see below
Project manager at AMU : Sibylle Kriegel, Professor in the Department of Modern Literature, Parole et Langage laboratory, CNRS


The main objective is to set up, within the University of Seychelles founded in 2009, a trilingual Master's degree program that will enable local students to achieve a high level of education (bac +5) without having to go abroad for two years. The Master's program will start at the beginning of the 2025 academic year, and will enable the University of Seychelles to offer a complete range of training courses in national languages.
The project includes a 6-month mobility scheme for Seychellois students at Aix-Marseille University, enabling them to train in several departments of the ALLSH faculty(Department of Modern Literature, Department of Language Sciences, Department of Anglophone World Studies, Department of FLE).

The MASTRI project comprises two main activities:

  • The development of the training program(definition of the Master's course content, design of the syllabus and the necessary teaching aids).
  • The drafting of a trilingual grammar, an essential teaching aid for the future Master's course.

The Mastri project is innovative in several respects:

  • Establishment of one of the first Master's courses in the humanities and social sciences at the University of Seychelles.
  • Development of the use of French, which is in sharp decline in Seychelles.
  • Executive training in education, journalism and tourism.

Inclusion ****
Ecological transition **
Digital transition ***
Citizenship ****
Innovation ****


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Sibylle Kriegel,

comparative grammar