Launch of the Call for projects "Interdisciplinarity 2021


Presentation and objectives of the call for projects

The framework text of the call for projects to be downloaded provides full information.

In the framework of action area 1 "Consolidating experiments" of its roadmap 3.0 (2021-2024), The A*Midex Foundation launches in 2021 the fifth edition of its call for projects "Interdisciplinarity designed to recognize and encourage innovative interdisciplinary approaches in response to the scientific and societal challenges of today and tomorrow.

This call for projects supports the demarcation ofhe Institutes of Aix-Marseille in their approach to structuring and leading interdisciplinary communities. Projects must involve several disciplinary fields within the perimeter of an institute. Unprecedented collaborations between different disciplinary fields, on new objects, are particularly expected.

The specific objectives of the call for Interdisciplinarity 2021 projects:

  • To support a structuring effort on the whole site through the approach of the Institutes of establishment, in favour of interdisciplinarity;
  • To set up interdisciplinary research projects, which also offer added value in terms of training, and which are part of the response to major scientific and societal issues;
  • To encourage scientific audacity and the resolution of new questions through interdisciplinarity;
  • To support projects that are in line with the global strategy of interdisciplinarity on the site.


Information meeting

Organization of a webinar on November 26, 2021 from 11:30 to 12:30 by videoconference on this link .


Who can apply?

The Interdisciplinarity 2021 call is exclusively dedicated to the perimeter of the institutes of establishment. Each institute will encourage the emergence of projects in its thematic perimeter and will preselect a maximum of 3 projects, classified by order of priority, which it will then submit to the A*Midex Foundation for evaluation and validation.

The scientific and technical leader of a project must be a researcher or a teacher-researcher with tenure and status attached to a research unit on the Aix Marseille site.


How to apply?

The application is made in one go, via the form to be filled in on this address.

The identification and pre-selection of projects is done in two steps:


Specific call for projects through the animation of institutes within their perimeter, allowing for the identification, prioritization and ranking of the pre-selected projects in order of priority.

Each institute will encourage the emergence of projects within its thematic perimeter and will pre-select a maximum of 3 projects, which it will submit to A*Midex for evaluation and validation. In an approach that supports projects, the validation of projects will be done in an iterative manner.


The application form for the AAP can be downloaded at the top of the page on this link.

The submission of the application is done in one step, via the form at the following address.

The applicants pre-selected by the institutes provide at this stage a complete file presenting their project (activities and budget). This file will be submitted for analysis and evaluation.

  • The completed application form
  • The project budget
  • The annexes. Attention: some annexes are mandatory

The deadline for submission of the complete application file is February 28, 2022, noon (12:00) Paris time.


  • Opening of the call for proposals: 18 November 2021
  • Deadline for submission of project proposals: 28 February 2022
  • Announcement of winning projects: July 2022
  • Start of the first projects: September 2022

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