The project "Understanding fishing practices and the consumption of marine resources in the Mediterranean: contributions from isotope analyses of archaeological-ichtyological remains" (ICTH'ISOMED²) was funded by the Mediterranean Archaeology Institute ARKAIA within the framework of the "Start-up" 2020 call for projects (end of activities: December 2021). It is co-financed by the Lampea and LA3M laboratories, the Doctoral School 355 Espaces Cultures Societies, and the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Marine resources are one of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet. Their mode of acquisition and consumption in southern France is still little known by archaeology in historical periods. However, archaeological tools have made it possible in other regions of Western Europe and in certain regions of the Mediterranean to reveal hitherto unknown aspects of these practices. This project proposes to couple for the first time an archaeo-ichtyological approach of medieval and modern periods for the South of France with an analysis of the isotopic signatures of certain taxa. This innovative and transdisciplinary approach will initially concern three medieval and modern sites in Provence. An essential part of this pilot project will concern the establishment of a new, up-to-date reference system, which is essential for a reliable and precise interpretation of the isotopic results. This reference system will include reference collections of ichthyological data from Aix-en-Provence and Madrid. At the end of this AMORCE project, the deployment of a similar project throughout the Mediterranean thanks to a collaboration with several European laboratories and universities will allow a diachronic approach to this essential practice of Mediterranean life.

Financed by the ARKAIA Institute of Mediterranean Archaeology - A*Midex Foundation, the "AMORCE"scheme supports with a budget of 5000 € to 10000 € the emergence of new research and approaches prefiguring the structuring of networks of partners in order to respond to high-level national or international calls for projects. Consult the list of funded projects.

Galerie d'images
Vertèbres de Anguilla anguilla, Sparus aurata, Mugilidae, Dicentrarchus labrax / Cliché : Tatiana André (AMU - LA3M).
Les chaines trophiques reconstituées par les isotopes du carbone et de l’azote / Données : Leïa Mion (AMU - Lampea).
isotopes, carbon, nitrogen
fishing practices