HRS4R action plan and implementation

AMU's action plan was validated by the European Commission in April 2021, leading AMU to be labeled.
This action plan is the synthesis of more than one hundred actions proposed by the five Working Groups, enriched by the priorities of the new governance team elected in 2020.

The action plan, validated by the five Working Groups and AMU governance, is divided into 38 actions articulated in 9 chapters:

DRV - HRS4R Plan d'action (English)
9 priorities for our Action Plan [Description]

more than 100 actions have been proposed by the WG, enriched by new priorities.

They have been reshuffled in 9 chapters and 38 actions:

à 4 actions

Career development
à 10 actions

Quality of working life

à 7 actions

Focus on PhD Students
à 6 actions

welcoming international researchers

à 2 actions

Open Science

à 2 actions

Gender equality

à 3 actions

Ethics and scientific integrity
à 2 actions

Communication and visibility of HRS4R

à 2 actions


This action plan, to be implemented over the next five years as soon as the label is awarded, is organized in two phases:

  • Launch and experimentation phase (As soon as the label is obtained - Second quarter 2023). Almost all the measures described in the action plan will be launched by the end of 2021 at the latest (except for actions 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4, which will require more time for preparation). Most actions will follow an experimentation phase of one academic year - or two academic years for those that are more complex to implement. In addition to ongoing monitoring, a self-evaluation of the actions will be carried out by external experts under the supervision of AMU's International Advisory Board will provide a first  in-depth progress ahead of AMU's new 5-year strategic framework plan for 2024-2028.

  • Mainstream phase (Third quarter 2023 - Last quarter 2025). All the measures described in the action plan will be fully implemented, including potential adjustments following the experimentation phase (with the exception of actions 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 which will follow an experimentation phase until 2025).

Downloadthe action plan in French and English


The implementation of this action plan will be overseen by an HRS4R Steering Committee bringing together all the key stakeholders within our university, assisted by an HRS4R Implementation Committee. The five HRS4R Working Groups will meet at least twice a year to provide feedback on the implementation process. Annual progress reports will be established, based on indicators, quality surveys of AMU research staff and PhD candidates, and evaluations by external experts.
For more information on the governance of HRS4R within our institution, please consult the organization charts available in French and English.

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Key steps for the implementation of the HRS4R project

  • 12 February 2021: Submission of the file to the EC
  • 29 April 2021: HRS4R Label granted


The European framework for scientific careers establishes 4 profiles of researchers* :

  • R1 : first level researcher (up to doctorate); e.g.: contractual doctoral student; ATER, BIATSS civil servants or contractuals with a diploma to start a doctorate
  • R2 : recognized researcher (doctor or equivalent not totally independent) ; Ex : Post Doc, ATER, BIATSS civil servants or contractuals having a research activity for at least 4 years or and a doctorate
  • R3 : confirmed researcher (independent researcher - leader, scientific coordinator of a project); Ex: MCF/MCU PH, LRU researcher at MCF level; Associate at MCF level
  • R4 : Principal investigator/leader (eminent researcher in his field). Ex: PR/PU PH, Physicist astronomer, LRU researcher level PR, Associate level PR

    The term "researcher" is commonly used by the European Commission to refer to all scientists, including doctoral students, teacher-researchers, research contract workers, etc.

The Working Groups

- WG 1: Support for doctoral students. AMUBox file
- WG 2 : Recruitment and Career. AMUBox file.
- WG 3 : Quality of working life. AMUBox file.
- WG 4 : Open Science. File AMUBox.
- WG 5: Welcoming intenrational researchers. File AMUBox.

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