How to apply for a PhD

Registration, and re-registration, for a doctorate at the University of Aix-Marseille is a two-step process:



At the doctoral school within a research unit under the responsibility and control of a thesis director dressed to direct research and possibly a co-director who shares with the thesis director the scientific responsibility of supervision.

  • create your personal space in the web interface
  • enter the requested information and add the expected documents
  • click on "apply for registration".

The thesis director receives an automatic e-mail asking him/her to examine the application and give his/her opinion.

The director of the research unit receives an automatic e-mail asking him to examine the application and give his opinion.

The doctoral school's assistant checks the completeness of the information and attachments.

The director of the doctoral school examines the application and proposes registration.

This entire circuit is completely dematerialized via ADUM.

As a doctoral student, you have visibility on the progress of your application at all times.



The administrative registration is done at the school. It is compulsory and allows the delivery of the diploma at the end of the course.

Either the doctoral student has already been registered at AMU and goes through his ENT with the identifiers "" or he connects to the page

For doctoral students of the doctoral school 355 and those of ED 62 on the Timone campus: please contact the academic advisor directly.

For more information, please consult the web page of the doctoral school where you are registered, under the heading "Registration".