Governance of the AMUtech Institute

Board of the Institute

The office ensures the strategic and operational management of the Institute. It leads the teams and coordinates governance, in conjunction with the partner laboratories, components and doctoral schools.


  • Director: Pierre Müller
  • Deputy Director of Training: Florence Vacandio
  • Deputy Director of Research: Christophe Girardeaux
  • Deputy Director of Socio-Economic Relations: Eric Besson
  • Project Manager: Samantha Isaia
  • Platforms" project leader: Lionel Santinacci
  • Nanosciences in Society" project leader : Jean-Marc Layet


Institute's Council

The Institute is administered by an Institute Council, which validates the major orientations concerning training and research strategy, the budget and calls for projects. Chaired by the Director of the Institute, the Institute Council meets at least twice a year.

The Institute Council is composed of members with voting rights in two colleges, namely:

Members with consultative voice :

  • The Institute Director,
  • The Deputy Director for Training,
  • The Deputy Director for Research,
  • The Deputy Director of Socio-Economic Relations,
  • The Project Manager,
  • The Director of the Doctoral College of the University or his representatives (in this case, the directors of ED 250, ED 352 and ED 353),
  • A representative of the research support staff designated by the management committee (made up of the Director of the Institute and his assistants),
  • A representative of the students and doctoral students designated by the management committee (composed of the Institute Director and his assistants).

Members with voting rights (college 1):
University components (18 votes):

  • Polytech
  • IUT

Members with voting rights (college 2): the directors of the 9 research laboratories members of the consortium (18 votes).



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