FLE-AMU courses

French as a Foreign Language (FLE) courses of 30 hours per semester, for foreign students of Aix-Marseille Université and open to the public (face-to-face and distance learning).

1. Description

These courses are open to all non-French speaking adults (students, employees or others) who hold at least the equivalent of a baccalaureate (high school diploma), as well as to all foreign students of AMU, through their home departments, their research laboratories, the Doctoral Training Department or the International Relations Department.

They take place at the rate of 3 hours per week over 10-week sessions (total: 30 hours, except for students on exchange programs), during the two semesters of the academic year.


They concern four levels of French:

  • Beginner (base A0 to A1)
  • Elementary (A1 to A2)
  • Intermediate (base A2 to B1)
  • Advanced French (B1+ to B2+/C1/C2)

For each level, several options are available to the student, according to the predefined schedule (available at the beginning of each session, see "Documents to download" on the right of this page).
These courses are held in two ways:
- during the day in person: 1 session of 3 hours per week, from 9am to 12pm or from 1:30pm to 4:30pm;
- at a distance: 2 sessions of 1h30 per week with extended time slots (up to 7:30pm).


  • Face-to-face courses are held in the following university campuses:
    • AIX-EN-PROVENCE : Campus 29 Schuman (SUL-Pôle FLE).
      See the access map
    • MARSEILLE: Campus Saint-Charles (SUL-CARLAM).
      See the Access map

Details of rooms and times are updated before each session on this page.

DATES 2023/2024

  • 1st session

    • From September 25th to December 9th, 2023* (Registrations for this session are now closed)
    • The programme is now available in the documents to download ("Planning cours FLE-AMU 1e session 2023/24")
    • NEW: The list of FLE-AMU students with their level, group, timetable and venue is now available in the "Documents to download" section (opposite or at the bottom of this page).
  • 2nd session

    • From February 5th to April 25th, 2024*
      • Registrations open until December 15th, 2023.
  • 3rd session

    • From May 13th to July 19th, 2024*
      • Registrations open until April 05, 2024.

* There are no classes during the university vacations (1 week per semester), nor on public holidays (see the SUL calendar)

2. Enrolment procedure

Registrations can be made directly at the SUL office or by contacting the office at Contact form (section "Cours FLE-AMU") and must be completed as soon as the course begins.

Documents to provide :
- the completed registration form (in "Documents to download" opposite)
- Passport or residence permit
- copy of the equivalent diploma of the baccalaureate.

Payment by check or bank transfer (see information on the 2nd page of the registration form).

3. Fees

  • Individual fees: 375 €.
  • AMU user fee: 300 €.
  • AMU students on an exchange program with the DRI, those attached to a component (Faculty, Institute...), a research laboratory or the Doctoral Training Department, benefit from financial support provided they are registered by these different organizations.

Once registered, the student takes a test to determine the level that best suits him/her.
He/she then chooses the place and the hours of his/her teaching.

4. Evaluation

If the student attends all the courses, he/she can obtain 6 ECTS credits.
The students concerned by these credits are required to use the 7Speaking platform for 9 hours of self-study of FLE. The AMU Language Resource Center (SUL-CARLAM, 63 Canebière, Marseille 1er) is in charge of monitoring this learning process.

A certificate with the level "in progress" will be given on request.

NOTE: FLE-AMU courses don't allow you to obtain a visa. The number of teaching hours isn't sufficient (only 30 hours per session).

Contact information
  • SUL - Pôle FLE (Aix Schuman)

Building T3-Porte
29, avenue Robert Schuman
13621 Aix-en-Provence cedex 1

Student office 2.13 (2nd floor)
Tel. +33 (0)4 13 55 32 14 or 04 13 94 62 21
Opening hours: Monday to Friday
9am-12h30pm and 1h30pm-4h30pm

Access map  (how to get there) and Map of Aix-Schuman campus

  •  SUL - CARLAM (Marseille)

Campus Saint-Charles
(Building 5, staircase 3, 2nd floor, block C)
3, place Victor Hugo (case 81)

tel. +33 (0)4 13 55 00 80

Access map  (how to get there)

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