Financial assistance and good transport plans

DDD-Aide financière et bon plan transport

Decree No. 2010-676 of 21 June 2010 and the circular of 22 March 2011 introduce a partial payment of the price of subscription tickets corresponding to travel by public officials between their habitual residence and their place of work.

1. Partial payment of transport costs

The types of transport concerned are public transport such as train, coach, bus, metro, tramway and bicycle rental in the city.For any request, please contact your local HRD

2. Complete Pass Aix-Marseille-Provence

Unlimited access to all public transit systems in the metropolitan area.

3. Student Special Mobility Package

Are you a student in Marseille or Aix-en-Provence and under 26 years old? Discover the new range of transport services to get around by train, bus, metro, bicycle or carpool and save up to €64 per year!

4. Zoo card!

It is a smart card proposed by the PACA Region, which replaces paper tickets, on a whole range of existing transport offers in the region (RTM, Cartreize, TER...). You can combine all your subscriptions on the same support while enjoying discounts and special rates.

Attention: the "Carte Zou!" offers are intended for a wide audience (students, unemployed, all audiences...). There are therefore several types of cards with prices adapted to everyone.

5. Electrically assisted bicycle purchase bonus (EAB)

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