Exchange students' accommodation offer

International students admitted to exchange programmes at Aix-Marseille University can benefit from accommodation in CROUS residences (public partner organisation of Aix-Marseille University) for the duration of their stay. These residences are located near the university campuses and are the most economical accommodation solution. In order to benefit from this service and to obtain a room at a reduced price, you must carry out several steps which we explain below.

Before your departure

If you wish to be housed in a university residence, you must inform the manager of the International Relations Department of the campus where you will be studying by specifying it on the online application form.

Your request will be examined and you will be informed of the decision by e-mail in July for a 1st semester arrival, and in December for a 2nd semester arrival.

  1. Your application is accepted: you will receive an e-mail from the INTERLOG web application on which you will have to register, make an accommodation request and pay the deposit online for the reservation to be effective.
  2. Your request is refused: you will have to take the necessary steps to find accommodation in town.

We remind you that you are not allowed to contact the CROUS directly, the DRI remains your only contact.

Admission to university residences is not automatic : it depends on the capacity of the university residences.

Once in France

On arrival in France, only students who have obtained university accommodation and received confirmation of their reservation by e-mail from INTERLOG can go directly to the university residence and receive the keys to their room.

If you are allocated a room in a university residence, you agree to :

  1. Pay the rest of the semester's fee upon your arrival,
  2. To reside in your university accommodation for the entire period of your study stay at Aix-Marseille University: in case of early departure, you will not be reimbursed,
  3. Remain in your university accommodation only for the duration of your study stay and not beyond.

To collect the key to your room in the university residence, it is preferable to arrive on weekdays (Monday to Friday), before 6 p.m., as the reception in the university residences is closed after 6 p.m. and at weekends.

Any request for an extension of your study stay does not automatically imply the authorization to extend your stay in the university residence.

You can find all the accommodation available in university residences on the CROUS website.

If you do not wish to be housed in CROUS residence

You can refuse the offer of accommodation in CROUS residence made to you by AMU. You will then have to find your own accommodation in town. To do this, please consult our pages dedicated to housing.

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