EV'AMU - The Vocal Ensemble of Aix-Marseille Université

AMU and the Festival d'Aix are launching EV'AMU, a vocal ensemble open to AMU students and staff !

Aix-Marseille Université and the Festival d'Aix have joined forces in 2019 to create EV'AMU, a vocal ensemble open to AMU students and staff.
Directed by Philippe Franceschi, this vocal ensemble offers students and staff who already have a musical and vocal practice to develop a good level of amateur practice.
Aix-Marseille Université and the Festival d'Aix wish to ensure that EV'AMU's musical quality progresses over time and that the artistic ambitions of this ensemble grow.

EV'AMU gives voice to the 2020-21 season!
EV'AMU, the Vocal Ensemble of Aix-Marseille University, created in 2020 in partnership with the Festival of Aix-en-Provence, is composed of about twenty amateur singers of a good level. This season, it will propose an A cappella programme, taken from the Renaissance repertoire, with a contemporary piece for choir and instrumental ensemble, commissioned by the Festival. This concert will be presented as part of the Festival d'Aix en Juin and the Voix de Silvacane, an annual meeting around the voice and vocalities, in La Roque d'Antheron and in Marseille.

At the beginning of June, EV'AMU will renew for the second consecutive year a polyphonic morning stroll in the historical courtyards of the city of Aix-en-Provence (Maynier d'Oppède, Town Hall, Granet Museum...).
At the beginning of July, the ensemble will also take part in the creation of Alexandros Markéas' Symphony of the 7th continent in Marseille alongside OSAMU and DANSE'AMU. The ensemble will be asked to perform in several other events during the academic year...

The specificity of EV'AMU is to present its program by heart in order to invest vocally and physically various places and to make its youth and its enthusiasm radiate to a varied public".
Philippe FRANCESCHI - EV'AMU's choir director.

DCS - Portrait Philippe Franceschi
The choirmaster Philippe Franceschi
Become a member of EV'AMU Register by filling in the application form.
Regular attendance and personal work between rehearsals are required.
For any questions or additional information: dcs-culture@univ-amu.fr (04 13 55 04 22).
Activity open to BONUS CULTURE BONUS rules here
The rehearsals At the Cube - Shuman site - Aix-en-Provence
Every Wednesday evening from 7pm to 9pm
The concerts

Concerts 2021-22

Saturday June 4, 2022 | Aix-en-Provence morning walk with EV'AMU
In the morning | Historical Center of Aix-en-Provence

Saturday 18 June 2022 | Les Voix de Silvacane - Festival d'Aix
Concert OSAMU and EV'AMU
Abbaye de Silvacane, La Roque-d'Anthéron

Saturday 25 June 2022 | Bi-centenary of the Marseille Conservatory
Concert OSAMU & EV'AMU
Courtyard of the Marseille Conservatory

Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 July 2022 | World Premiere - Symphony of the 7th Continent by Alexandros Markéas
21h00 | Parc Borely, Marseille
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Review of the year 2020-21

Saturday 5 June 2021 I Aix-en-Provence morning stroll with Mozart
10:30 am - Hôtel Boyer de Fonscolombe (courtyard of the IMPGT) - 21 Rue Gaston de Saporta
12:15 - Patio of the Granet Museum - Place Saint Jean de Malte
Mozart's Nocturnes

Thursday, June 10th 2021 - 8:30 pm | Concert EV'AMU & OSAMU
Conservatoire national de Marseille - Pierre Barbizet, Marseille
Mozart's Nocturnes

A production of the Festival d'Aix in tribute to the living musical repertoire of the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

Accents Balkans" is a participative project called "Passerelles" which invites to a musical journey, between traditional songs and creation.
Under the artistic and musical direction of Philippe Franceschi, assisted by Florence Nowak, "Accents Balkans" includes the transmission of traditional songs - Bulgarian, Greek, Romanian and Turkish - accompanied by the quintet Aksak, and a creation, Le Chant de Vélès, commissioned by the educational service of the Festival d'Aix-en-Provence to the Serbian composer Jug Marković for voice and orchestra, conducted by Sébastien Boin.
Discover this creation now:
Accents Balkans #1 - Le Chant de Vélès
Accents Balkans #2 - Traditional songs




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  • Body and Voice workshops led by Tania Zolty. Built like thematic walks through the repertoire, these workshops will help you discover opera and test your voice in all its colours. They will not only focus on collective and individual practice, but also on an encounter with the artistic universes linked to opera (the body, the voice, the stage) through the 2020 Festival d'Aix program.
  • CHORAMU directed by Patrick Luppi. The AMU Choir brings together students, teachers and administrative staff of Aix-Marseille University. The atmosphere is friendly and musically demanding.