Doctoral schools

Collège doctoral & écoles doctorales

The role of doctoral schools:

  • Implement a policy for the admission of doctoral candidates to their ranks, based on explicit and public criteria [...] ;
  • Organize scientific exchanges between doctoral students and with the scientific community; offer doctoral students training activities[...] ;
  • Ensure that each doctoral student receives training in research ethics and scientific integrity;
  • Ensure a quality approach to training by setting up individual monitoring committees for the doctoral student [...] ;
  • Define and implement support mechanisms for the pursuit of professional careers [...] ;
  • Contribute to a European and international opening;
  • Provide advice on requests for the attachment of research units or teams
Doctoral schools
Label Name
ED 62 Life and health sciences
ED 67 Legal and political sciences
ED 184 Mathematics and Computer Science of Marseille
ED 250 Chemical sciences
ED 251 Environmental sciences
ED 352 Physics and material sciences
ED 353 Engineering Sciences: Mechanics, Physics, Micro and Nanoelectronics
ED 354 Language, literature and art
ED 355 Spaces Cultures Societies
ED 356 Cognition, Language, Education
ED 372 Economic and management sciences of Aix-Marseille
ED 463 Sciences of human movement




Doctoral schools
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