COVID-19 Info

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To date, Aix-Marseille Université is committed to welcoming all international students authorised to enter French territory.

Although the health situation linked to COVID-19 makes cross-border travel more difficult, Aix-Marseille Université remains open to international students and researchers. The conditions and procedures for joining the French territory vary according to the country of origin. The strictest conditions apply to students non-vaccinated from red countries.

Consult the website of the Ministry of the Interior to be up to date with the latest government directives concerning travel to France from abroad <<<

Coming to France

Depending on your country of origin and your vaccination status, the procedures that apply to come to France are different. A classification of countries has been defined based on health indicators.
The lists of countries, the travel procedures and the travel certificates to be provided according to your country of origin are available in French and English on the website of the Ministry of the Interior

>> See also the flyer available for download <<

Particular attention must be paid by students non-vaccinated from the red countriesThey must provide a travel certificate as well as proof of residence in the place where they will carry out their compulsory 10-day isolation > visit the website of the Ministry of the Interior

The health pass

We recommend that you get fully vaccinated before your departure to facilitate your reception and your life in France.

What are the recognized vaccines ?

The vaccines allowed to come to France are those recognized by the European Medicines Agency:

Be fully vaccinated before your departure with a vaccine recognized by France.
If you cannot, the vaccination will be offered to you as soon as possible upon your arrival, in conjunction with the Social Security and your host institution.

How do I register with Social Security?

Students coming from a red country must join the Social Security before arriving in France. You will be able to benefit more quickly from a vaccination slot if you are not vaccinated.

>> Consult this tutorial to join the Social Security as soon as possible <<

For other students, join the Social Security as soon as possible upon your arrival to benefit from the French health system.

>> To register, connect to the Social Security website <<

How to convert my health pass?

If you do not have your European health pass, you can request the conversion of your health pass.
To do so, we invite you to read the terms and conditions on the website of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

If you are a student and you meet the conditions listed on the Ministry's website, you can apply for the conversion of a foreign vaccination certificate into a French health pass online.


Arrival at Aix-Marseille Université

Students subject to isolation must go home as soon as possible in order to respect the isolation period required by the authorities.
All international students must respect the health regulations in force in France: respect for barrier measures, presentation of a health pass in certain public places, etc.

Students will be subject to the same teaching methods as national students.

At the moment, the start of the school year is planned to be classroom-based, but the teaching conditions are likely to vary according to the evolution of the health context. We recommend that you frequently consult the online information on the schooling pages of your component's website.
Find here all the sites of the components (faculties, schools, institutes...) of AMU.