Committed Structures - Components

These are courses (i.e. masters, masters courses, DU or CU) that are directed by members of the Institute. The students who follow these courses (485 M1 students per year: 305 M2 students per year; 40 DU or CU students per year) will benefit from the Institute's contributions (2020-2021 data)



1. The components

The themes addressed by the InCIAM are the responsibility of various components: ALLSH, FEG, INSPÉ, Sciences, Medical and paramedical sciences, EJCAM, IRT, IUT, IMPGT, Polytech Marseille. Three components are particularly concerned by this Institute project since they are responsible for the thirteen training courses directed by members of the InCIAM They are:


2. The thirteen courses

These are courses (i.e. masters, masters courses, DU or CU) which are directed by members of the Institute. The students who follow these courses (485 students in M1 per year; 305 students in M2 per year; 40 students in DU or CU per year) will benefit from the Institute's contributions.

  • Courses in psychology, ergonomics and cognitive sciences

    • Ergonomics: human factors and information systems engineeringcourse in the Master's degree in Psychology (resp.: N. Bonnardel)
      20 students in M1 and 20 students in M2
    • Psychotherapy, psychopathology, clinical psychology course of the Master of Psychology (resp.: C. Bonnet & E. Bouteyre)
      50 students in M1 and 50 students in M2
    • Master in Cognitive Sciences (resp.: P. Colé & A. Nasr) and its different courses
      40 students
  • Training in Management Sciences and Management

    • Two M2 courses in the Human Resources Management Master's programme (supervisor: A. Mendez)
      200 students divided between M1 students in initial and continuing education
      • Research, studies and consulting in Organization, Work and Human Resources (OTRH) (resp.: C. Krohmer & A. Mendez)
        20 students
      • Social and Solidarity Economy (resp.: N. Richez-Battesti & F. Petrella) - 25 students
    • A course in the Master's programme Management of cultural projects or establishments
      • Administration of Cultural Institutions (AIC), M1 and M2 (supervisor: R. Nicolaï)
        60 students in M1 and 40 students in M2
    • Two courses of the Master in Innovation Management (resp.: S. Amabile & C. Fons)
      60 M1 students (supervisor: A. Pascal), with 2 M2 courses
      • Management of Innovation and Information Systems (resp.: S. Amabile): 30 students
      • Marketing of Innovative Products course (supervisor: C. Fons): 30 students
  • Courses in education sciences

    • Three courses of the Master in Education Sciences (supervisor: C. Poplimont):
      • Course 1: M2 Research (supervisor: C. Poplimont): 45 students
      • Course 2: Training Manager, Organisational Facilitator, including Axis 3: Alternative Pedagogy Projects in initial and continuing education and a distance learning course in continuing education (supervisor: C. Ladage): 30 students
      • Course 3: Training engineering (supervisor: C. Poplimont): 20 students
  • Training in language sciences

    • A course in the Master's degree in Language Sciences
      • Didactics of FLE in a plurilingual situation (supervisors: M. Tellier & C. Combe): 30 students in M1 in initial and continuing education, and 20 students in M2 in initial and continuing education.
  • Specialized DU and CU

    • DU Educational approaches toroadsafety(resp. C. Poplimont): 20 students
    • CU Risk prevention (resp.: C. Poplimont): 20 students


3. Two GIFTs

GIFTs are Interdisciplinary Groups of Thematic Training. More information here.


GIFT Aeronautics

The themes of the Creativity and Innovations Institute are of direct interest to these GIFTs. For example, a thesis co-directed by PSYCLE and the CREA (Air Force Research Center) is linked to the GIFT Aeronautics. It allows to test a training program leading fighter aircraft students to adopt a specific ocular behavior in order to improve flight safety (Froger et al., 2018). This thesis work will thus have a direct impact on pedagogical innovations in the context of aeronautics training


GIFT Big Data

GIFT Big Data aims to build an interdisciplinary offer on the theme "Big data/Data analytics" and to set up scientific events in synergy with projects such as those carried out by InCIAM.





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