Ecogeste du mois de décembre sur la lumière

As part of its Green Plan, dedicated to Sustainable Development, Aix-Marseille University is launching an "Energy Challenge". Supported by a large-scale awareness campaign, this challenge aims to reduce the university's electricity consumption by 3% per year.


In this perspective, a thematic eco-gesture is highlighted each month, promoted to all users of the institution: students, doctoral students, teacher-researchers and administrative staff. In January, light is in the spotlight, with a simple gesture: remember to turn off the lights, and give preference to natural light. Since the sum of all individual initiatives has a significant impact on a large scale, the appropriation by the greatest number of people of the environmental and energy consumption issue is essential. Sustainable development is first and foremost everyone's business, so let's take up the Energy Challenge together!

  • For more information, read the AMU Newsletter 57 on sustainable development | AMU Newsletter January 2018

1. Balance sheet 2018

Aix-Marseille University has achieved 1.3% energy savings, thanks to the efforts of the entire university community. The Energy Challenge, aimed at significantly reducing the university's electricity consumption and materialized in 2018 by a multi-channel communication campaign, was naturally renewed for the year 2019. Visible in the AMU Newsletter, on the institutional site, the student and personal newsletters, the dynamic screens and soon to be displayed on campus, the Energy Challenge is evolving visually and acquiring new characters.

2. Discover this month's eco-gestures

Discover them regularly and follow the mascot's instructions! Serving as a catchphrase, each character is given a first name, with evocative references... would you know how to find them? A new eco-gesture will be issued each month, addressing broad themes such as the
light or the management of electronic devices (see visuals above). The Energy Challenge is the result of collaborative work between the Sustainable Development Department, the Communications Department, the PRNT Master's degree from the Faculty of Pharmacy and the energy/fluid referent from the Real Estate Operations and Logistics Department.
Together, let's take up the Energy Challenge again this year!

This winter, we're turning off the lights!

At the end of December, the winter solstice marks the day with the longest night. If the light runs out, don't overuse it! Light accounts for 7% of the university's electricity consumption, so keep it lit.

The light is:

  • Data of the month: 7% of AMU's electricity consumption (i.e. 400 000 €/year)
  • The AMU action: Installation of presence detectors and timers
  • The eco-gestures: Turn off the lights!

The sum of all the individual initiatives has a significant impact on a large scale: together, let's take up the Energy Challenge!

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