Advanced Digital Skills AI & Health


Project name: Advanced Digital Skills AI & Health (AI AND HEALTH)
Program: Digital Europe
Action: Advanced Digital Skills
Theme: Digital transformation of society and the economy
Key words : Artificial intelligence, Master's degree, Double degree, Professional training in the healthcare sector, MOOCs
Duration: 01/12/2022 - 31/11/2026 (48 months)
Total cost : 6,789,971.41 euros
Coordinator: Aix-Marseille University (AMU)
Project manager(s) at AMU : Christophe Dubois, Biology-Health
- Stockholms Universitet (SU)
- Università di Pisa (UNIPI )
- Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique (INRIA)
- Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB)
- Kode
- GenomeUp
- IngeniArs


The main objective is to boost the attractiveness of EU territories in terms of investment in AI applications for healthcare, and to meet the demands of industry and professionals in these sectors for digital skills (see the creation of EDIH - European Digital Innovation Hubs to support the Europe-wide development of digital-related activities).

There is a serious lack of training for healthcare professionals in the requirements of "basic sciences", particularly as applied to digital health sciences. Although such training would enable professionals to understand the concepts and tools required for cutting-edge scientific practice, lack of medical time would limit its implementation. Thus, the development of digital and educational tools to support medical practice is just as necessary to free up useful medical time that can be devoted to patients and biomedical research.

This double gap offers digital and Internet giants the opportunity to take the lead in a field - medicine and health - for which they naturally lack the skills. Through the Digital Europe Programme, in particular the "Advanced Digital Skills" call, the EU is enabling education, research and healthcare professionals to come together and build a Master's-level AI and Health program between 4 European higher education institutions, an INRIA research center and 3 Italian SMEs/start-ups to enable the EU to be the bridgehead for digital science and AI for health.

Innovative aspect:

Different types of interdisciplinary training are provided within this program based on cooperation between universities, research centers and industry.
5 types of training are offered as part of the Advanced Digital Skills AI and Health program:

  • a joint Master's program between AMU, UNIPI and SU, recognized by the award of a double diploma
  • 2 MOOCS to complement existing Master's courses
  • hours of practical training for students using the resources and equipment available in the laboratories
  • 3 standard and customized short courses for professionals and industrialists
  • a series of recorded videoconferences for the general public to help understand AI and its applications in healthcare (available on the EU Digital Skills and Jobs Platform).

A significant achievement of the project: the call requires a minimum of 150 students to graduate each year, with priority given to study and internship mobility among consortium members and their associated partners.

Inclusion ***

Ecological transition ***

Digital transition ****

Citizenship ****

Innovation ****

Digital transformation of society and the economy