U7+ paves the way for formal engagement with the G7

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On the occasion of the G7 summit, the U7+ Alliance, of which AMU is a member, reaffirmed its willingness to work closely with the G7 by issuing a statement highlighting the key role of universities in the fight against climate change and the health crisis linked to Covid 19.

The U7+ statement

The U7+ university coalition, of which Aix-Marseille University is a member, issued a statement today at the opening of this year's G7 summit in Cornwall. As health conditions gradually improve, the Alliance urged world leaders to recognise the key role of universities and to put future generations first.

As an alliance of universities, we sit at the crossroads of generations—in a space where knowledge is generated and new, bolder visions for the future are imagined—and have committed to serving as platforms for open intergenerational dialogue,” the statement reads," the statement says.

The U7+ Alliance's declaration was also an opportunity to recall the commitment of its members to environmental issues. Universities have a considerable role to play in this area through the courses they give on the subject to all their students, the intergenerational dialogues they initiate and the reduction of their own greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Aix-Marseille University, as a member of the U7+ Alliance's G7 Engagement and Influence Group, participated directly in the drafting of this declaration.

For more information, see the full statement of the U7+ Alliance to the G7