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Scientific news as seen by the students of the "Integrative and Fundamental Microbiology (IRM)" course as part of a new teaching unit entitled "Writing in Science". The period of confinement was used to finalize 4 News that highlight work carried out by researchers from the Institute of Microbiology, Bioenergies and Biotechnology - IM2B.

Within the framework of the new teaching unit "Writing in Science", the students of the Master 2 in Microbiology were confronted with the requirements of scientific writing.

Four themes were proposed to them: giant viruses, secretion systems, bacterial motility and the repair of oxidized proteins. After preparatory work carried out with the teaching team and the authors of the original publications, the students, organized in groups of three or four, wrote a short story highlighting the major results and the originality of the four articles studied. This was supplemented by an interview with the researchers who wrote these articles, and provides an original insight into the understanding of life in the field of microbiology.

For Laurent Aussel, Head of the Teaching Unit, "The publishing phase has been formative for our students, who have been able to discover the world of publishing and benefit from the rigour associated with all forms of scientific writing and peer review".


About the Institut Microbiologie, Bioénergies et Biotechnologie :

Created in 2019 by Aix-Marseille University, this Institute brings together more than 400 statutory staff, 250 Masters students, 150 PhD students and 160 post-docs, to strengthen interdisciplinary Research and Teaching in the field of Microbiology and its applications in Bioenergies, Environment and Health. Relying on a network of 10 internationally renowned research laboratories and a network of leading technological platforms, IM2B networks recognized expertise in viruses, bacteria, archaea, fungi, protists and photosynthetic organisms.

It covers a large number of first-rate approaches in bioinformatics, mathematical modelling, structural and cell biology, molecular genetics, biophysics, biochemistry, biodiversity and chemistry. IM2B's research effort is focused on the integration of all scales of study developed, from the atom to the ecosystem, and its biotechnological applications on the different systems under study. The targeted applications are in particular in the field of energy such as CO2 storage, production of biofuel, biogas or bioethanol, new bio-inspired materials, bio-detection or bio-sourced molecules, but also in the field of the environment (bio-depollution...) or health (infectious diseases).

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