Open Lab CIVIS - LAMAs: Citizens, researchers and students mobilized against a congenital muscular dystrophy: LAMA2 CMD

"Prepare your luggage, put on your little European researcher's coat and have a good trip to the land of LAMAs". Put yourself in the shoes of European scientists conducting research on the functioning of muscles, this is what will be offered to more than 600 elementary school students from April 4 to 8 in Fuveau. A way to make these budding researchers aware of genetic diseases, the importance of muscle and to immerse them in the world of scientific research.

From 4 to 8 april 2022 in Fuveau (13710)
AIL ground, along the Avenue du 8 mai 1945

Workshops, educational courses, games... Everything will be set up so that primary school pupils discover the secrets of muscle, movement, genetic diseases and ask themselves questions about disability and inclusion, particularly at school.

To help them in their investigation, researchers from Aix-Marseille Université (from the MMG, ISM, Institut Fresnel, INT, IMBE, CRMBM, LPS and PIIM laboratories) will be present, as will student associations (La Junior Phocéenne du Médicament, Marsapas, Neuronautes, OEME, Students' Parliament), as well as regional companies working with these research teams (Progelife and Multiwave).

This week of scientific popularization and awareness of genetic diseases is part of a larger project whose goal is to mobilize academics, citizens and local actors to develop projects that collectively respond to local and European social issues.

Focus on...

  • The workshop speakers

From AMU laboratories: MMG, ISM, Institut Fresnel, INT, IMBE, CRMBM, LPS and PIIM; with the involvement of the MArMARa, Marseille Imaging and NeuroMarseille institutes.

With a strong involvement of student associations: Marsapas from the FSS; La Junior Phocéenne du Médicament from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Neuronautes from the Faculty of Science, OEME from the School of Occupational Therapy and the Sciences Po Student Parliament.

And the participation of local companies: Multiwave Imaging and Progelife

  • The European civic university CIVIS

CIVIS is a civic university which gathers 10 European universities cooperating in favour of teaching, research, innovation and the opening of higher education to society.

  • CIVIS Open Labs

The CIVIS Open Labs are spaces for work and discussion between citizens, academics and local actors for the development of projects that respond to societal issues on a local and European scale. This Open Lab is supported by the CIVIS alliance coordinated by Aix-Marseille Université.

  • LAMA2 France

This project is led by the association LAMA2 France, a community of patients suffering from congenital muscular dystrophy with absence of merosin (DMC LAMA2).
Project page:

  • What's next?

On May 2nd, a Marchathon of the city of Fuveau will take place - a solidarity march for the benefit of this association. In 2023, the results of this Open Lab will be presented during an international LAMA2 DMC conference.

This event will take place in the respect of the sanitary gestures in force. The press is invited to attend on Monday, April 4.

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