Launch of the Climate Council - Thursday 10th of September


In line with the development policies of Aix-Marseille University, Eric Berton wanted to create a Climate Council. It is being launched on Thursday 10 September, at the Pharo.

The consequences of global warming on all living organisms over the next few centuries or decades remain underestimated. The result is a damaging delay in proactive policies in this area. At Aix-Marseille Université, global warming is recognised as an urgent and global challenge requiring collective mobilisation. Therefore, the issues of climate, sustainable development and social responsibility are included as a transversal axis of development. In order to achieve results, it is necessary to rely on the individual and collective mobilization of all: staff, students, partners. This commitment, worthy of cultural evolution, must be disseminated throughout the University, in all its missions, all its activities, and on all its sites.

Made up of local, national or European multidisciplinary university scientists (from our CIVIS Alliance) and experts from civil society, all of whom are committed to the fight against global warming, this Council will have to shed light on the policy lines on climate and environmental issues, on the impact of activities on biodiversity and on the depletion of natural resources.

It will provide an enlightened view of the social and societal aspects of the causes and consequences of global warming and will advise on the strategic orientation of the university in many fields (research, observation, teaching, dissemination of knowledge) and many activities (heritage policy, human mobility, purchasing, etc.).

The territorial anchoring of this Council will be achieved through exchanges with local partners and by its inclusion in the regional plan for development, sustainable development and territorial equality (SRADDET) and its local variations.

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