Launch of the CIVIS AMU Open Lab


On September 9, AMU will officially launch its CIVIS Open Lab and will review the projects selected in the call for projects last March.


The official launch meeting of the Open Lab will take place on September 9, 2021 at 5:30 pm at the Pharo in the presence of President Eric Berton

Designed as open and collaborative spaces, the objective of the CIVIS Open Labs is to create a space where Universities and citizens can discuss local needs and challenges and participate in the co-creation of projects from an integrated approach. The goal of the CIVIS Open Lab is to develop innovative and inclusive initiatives that have a positive impact on citizens.

On March 25, 2021, AMU launched its first call for projects within the framework of the CIVIS Open Labs with the aim of contributing to the development and implementation of proposals submitted in response to the 5 CIVIS challenges:

Health | Cities, Territories and Mobilities | Digital and Technological Transformation | Climate, Environment | Energy and Society | Culture, Heritage.

On the menu of this meeting :

  • 17h45 - Opening - Speech by the President of AMU, Eric Berton and representatives of the socio-economic world
  • 18h10 - Presentation - Four projects selected following the first call last March
  • 18h40 - Discussion - Presentation of the second call for local projects and the centralized international call for projects CIVIS
  • 7:00 pm - Conclusion - Open Lab as a vector of social innovation on the territory

The selected projects

At the end of this call, 4 projects were selected by the jury with a focus on

  • the development ofservice learning ,
  • the appropriation ofnew tools for urban mobilization,
  • collective intelligence for and by citizens
  • digital transformation

Vénères & Solidaires

Get Lit

This project led by Citizens Campus involves no less than 4 associations and 1 institutional partner.

Faced with a youth that is at a standstill and angry, Vénères & Solidaire aims to bring together and train 400 young people in 1 year around collective intelligence workshops via an expression platform created for and by young people on Discord.


This project, led by Eurasia net , involves no less than 10 associations, 3 university components of AMU, and 3 institutional partners.

Faced with the societal challenges facing the new generations, GET LIT aims to open up spaces for innovative cooperation between civil society (solidarity associations) and higher education (AMU LEA, Quality, IAE) and to enable students to have the soft skills they have acquired during their academic careers recognised (Service Learning).

Smart & Civic Port


This project led by theAccelerator M involves no less than 2 associations, 8 private groups, and 3 institutional partners.

How can the transformation of the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille be set in motion whilst responding to the need for involvement and transparency with regard to the citizens?
This is the project of the Smart & Civic Port which aims to associate the citizens with the implementation of innovatory solutions in a Think/Do Tank which also involves the University, the socio-economic stakeholders and the institutional stakeholders.

This project carried by Nos Quartiers Demain involves six associations and an AMU component.

After having said no to the project to build a clinic on the Louis Armand wasteland in the 12th arrondissement of Marseille, it is time to validate an intuition on the added value of collective intelligence.
The Conditions of Urban Creativity is a real toolbox of urban democracy for the actors of a territory.



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