Ecole de Gif on " Beyond the Standard Model of Cosmology"

The 52nd edition of the Ecole de Gif will focus on "Beyond the Standard Model of Cosmology".
This edition is organized in Marseille by the IPhU laboratories (CPPM, CPT and LAM) on 13-17 September

The Ecole de Gif is the oldest of the IN2P3 thematic schools. Mainly French-speaking, it is intended primarily for doctoral and post-doctoral students. However, as its objective is to treat the theme of the session in its most delicate and actual developments, it is open to any interested researcher, experimentalist or theorist

Scientific Program

Main lectures

1 The Standard Model of Cosmology - LCDM (Federico Piazza, CPT)

2 Lambda and beyond (Lavinia Heisenberg, ETH Zurich)

3. Cold Dark Matter (CDM) and beyond (Benoit Famaey, Observatoire de Strasbourg)

4. Cosmological probes of gravity (Julian Bautista, CPPM and Julien Bel, CPT)

5. Computational methods and techniques, tomorrow's challenges (Pier-Stefano Corasaniti, LUTH)

Transversal seminars

1. Cosmology with gravitational waves (Nicola Tamanini, L2I Toulouse)

2. Machine learning techniques and cosmological applications (François Lanusse, CEA Saclay)

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