Doubling of "disability" doctoral contracts and extension of grants for doctoral students and research engineers

CP AMU contrats doctoraux

In order to encourage the pursuit of doctoral studies by students with disabilities - those benefiting from the "recognition of the status of disabled worker" - Aix-Marseille University, via its A*Midex foundation, is implementing two financial and human measures for contracts under the A*Midex foundation.

  • We are doubling the number of contracts financed, thus increasing from 2 to 4 disability doctoral contracts for 2021, to which can be added potentially 2 MESRI doctoral contracts.
    This increase is justified by the growing number of applications and the increasing quality of these files.
  • Beyond this budgetary extension, we propose to support each candidate, in a personalized way adapted to his or her disability, in order to give each person the maximum chance to carry out his or her research work under excellent conditions.

This action is in line with A*Midex's policy of supporting university research activities and equality between all. It complements the "Aix-Marseille University Disability Master Plan" voted in 2018 and the agreement signed with the FIPHFP (Fonds pour l'Insertion des Personnes Handicapées dans la Fonction Publique) for the implementation, in particular, of a programme to integrate and maintain disabled staff in employment.

At the same time, an individualised approach to doctoral contracts will make it possible to finance the contracts of doctoral students and research engineers for an additional 3 months, in order to alleviate the difficulties of activity linked to COVID-19 by measuring the real impact of the health crisis on the research project.

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