Call for applications for the recruitment of a postdoctoral fellow

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Plan Bleu and the Institut of Mediterranean Societies in Transition launch a call for applications for the recruitment of a post-doctoral student on the subject "The foresight tool for facing socio-environmental challenges in the Mediterranean".

Plan Bleu, the Institute Mediterranean Societies in Transition (SoMuM) and the Mediterranean Sociology Laboratory (LAMES) are joining forces to recruit a post-doctoral researcher from March 1st 2021, for a 12-month contract (renewable once). The candidate will propose a research project that falls within the following theme : foresight tools in the face of socio-environmental transformation challenges to help public action in the Mediterranean.

Whether in the fields of environmental issues such as climate, energy, biodiversity or water, or in the fields of demography, immigration or education, the Mediterranean basin is a particularly interesting territory for dealing with public action to cope with global socio-environmental transformations: to see how changes are documented and recorded, how public policies are fed into their prospective ambition, particularly considering the watchwords of "transition" and "sustainable development". Conceived in partnership between LAMES and the Plan Bleu association, the work of the postdoctoral student will have to examine how prospective thinking uses its various tools, in particular the scenario approach, to think about present and future challenges, both in terms of health and environmental protection and the promotion of activities that are more attentive to these issues. The research proposals to be carried out over 12 months will have to be in line with the research themes of the LAMES and with the operational expectations of the Plan Bleu association.

How should we think about tomorrow's societies and the challenges they face? How to think about the crises of today and tomorrow? In what way is the Mediterranean a good field of observation to feed these questions? It will be a question of considering how the Social Sciences analyse the tools and methods for thinking about the future that institutions (including Plan Bleu) imagine, forge and implement, and what analytical and methodological tools the social sciences can contribute to developing.

Composition of the application file

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Doctoral degree
  • Thesis defence report.
  • A draft of 15,000 characters maximum (spaces and footnotes included) written in French. This project details the scientific interest of the research as well as how the project fits in with the objectives of SoMuM and Plan Bleu as set out in the call.

Application Submission

Deadline: December 11th 2020, 12:00 noon

Submission of applications by email to chloe.chatelin [a] and acomolet [a]

Several candidates will be pre-selected and auditioned by videoconference on December 16th 2020.

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