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On Wednesday February 21, from 1pm to 2pm, take part in an exciting seminar organized by the DREAM-U research team, entitled "Innovative learning spaces: analysis of actual teaching practices and user teachers' perceptions."

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Or meet in person Wednesday February 21 at 1pm on the campus étoile, at the St-Jérôme inspé, building P room 318.

To stimulate innovation and pedagogical creativity as part of the transformation of teaching practices, new physical learning spaces dedicated to active pedagogies are being fitted out and equipped. Aix-Marseille Université, like other universities, has set up these spaces on its various campuses. The physical features of these new learning spaces (EAI) include modular, flexible furniture, a variety of writing surfaces and technological tools. They are designed to support the implementation of a variety of teaching and learning activities, particularly those centered on student activity. However, since their introduction at AMU, no studies have been carried out.

Internationally, EAIs are considered to be an understudied field (Bligh, 2019; Tight, 2012; Temple, 2008) and not well conceptualized. However, existing studies show that when combined with active pedagogies, they improve students' conceptual understanding, class attendance and failure rates (Brooks, 2011; Beichner et al, 2007; Dori et al, 2003; Scott-Webber, 2014). On the contrary, when combined with traditional practices, they can produce the opposite effects (Charles et al, 2013; Brooks, 2012). This finding from the literature shows the crucial importance of how AIAs are used. This is why our study focuses first and foremost on the uses of EAIs. 

Our first aim is to report on teachers' actual pedagogical practices in AIAs, and how these practices reflect the exploitation of the potential of these spaces. Secondly, we analyze the perception of teachers using AIS in terms of opportunities or constraints, and their impact on their pedagogical practices.

Methodologically, our study adopts a multi-case approach. It focuses on natural observation of practices in real-life contexts of use of innovative learning spaces. This in situ observation is cross-referenced with semi-directive interviews with teachers. During the seminar, we will share the results of this study.

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