NEW DATE : AMU and OM combine their skills to improve the performance of players in training


Within the framework of the 2020 pre-season for players in training at Olympique de Marseille (OM), Aix-Marseille Université (AMU) is making available its expertise in sports science and its technological platform "Technosport" to improve the physical preparation of players within the framework of an optimal programme.

Football is a demanding, very rigorous, combative team sport. Players in training are brought to undergo severe tests in the event of injury. The strict lifestyle imposed by their physical activity and their status as (future) top-level sportsmen and women aims in particular to reduce the risk of injury and optimise their sporting performance.

In order to prepare for the 2020-2021 season, OM wants optimal athletic development of its players and surrounds itself with innovative skills, capable of assessing the physical characteristics of players in training. It is within this framework that OM and AMU are forging a partnership establishing a high-level physical and nutritional preparation programme for players.

During the summer of 2020, the university teams carry out pre-season tests of all the players in training at the Technosport, on the Luminy campus. A nutritional follow-up and/or a follow-up of reathletisation of all or part of the players throughout the sports season 2020/2021 could be proposed.

The support protocol is in effect until May 31, 2021 and includes 2 main areas: the establishment of a Dynamic and Systemic Functional Mapping (DSFM) and support for reathletisation in injured players.

  • Axis 1: PREVENTION is based on the identification of neuromuscular and motor imbalances in young athletes based on a motor profiling test, two upper and lower body strength and speed tests on a ballistic ergometer and a running eight test. For information, the ballistic ergometer test is of interest to both outfield players and goalkeepers. It is performed on a machine that is unique in the world and has been validated and calibrated by a committee of experts; it is one of the tools that have been chosen for the evaluation and monitoring of athletes in preparation for the next Olympics. At the end, a CFDS (Dynamic and Systemic Functional Cartography) will be given back to the Club's medical staff and a global feedback with the coaches.
  • Axis 2: ATHLETIC REHABILITATION AND REATHLETISATION takes up the analyses of axis 1 with certain other tests (VO2, Flexibility, balance, nutritional assessment etc...) depending on the cases of injury. Its aim is to work as well as possible on the reathletisation of athletes returning from injury or recurrence.

What is Technosport?

A unique meeting place for sport, practitioners, research, high performance and industry, Technosport is a platform dedicated to innovation in sport and movement. It allows the study of performance in its widest acceptance, from high-level sport to pathological movements. On the Luminy campus, the Technosport is attached to two research laboratories: the Etienne-Jules Marey Institute of Movement Sciences (ISM), a joint research unit (AMU-CNRS) via the Institute of Biological Sciences (INSB). Its themes focus on the mechanical, physiological, neurological, psychological and sociological determinants of the motor skills of living beings, particularly humans.

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