2nd year master application

Application for the 2nd Master year through the IPhU Graduate School.

Incoming Master Scholarships for the 2nd Master year

The FunPhys Master program which has a strong record of excellence, provides a high quality training for high quality students, at the level of top international academic institutions. Within the FunPhys Master program offers study paths of courses on the Physics of the Universe, namely FunPhys∩IPhU.

The IPhU graduate school offers monthly stipends, based on academic excellence criteria at the 2nd Master year (M2 level) for the academic year 2021-2022 :

  • 2 full studentships (8 000€ for 10 months)
  • 4 half-studentships (4 000€ for 4 months)

Moreover, note that for the 2nd Master year, the 4-month research internship taking place during the second semester (usually from March to end of June) is financed (if performed in France) at a level slightly above 2,000 €.

Please, note that the present application to the Graduate School is a two-stage procedure:

  1. To be enrolled in the Graduate School
  2. To be awarded a scholarship.

IPhU admission panel will preselect the candidates to enter in the IPhU graduate school and next will select those candidates who also apply for a scholarship.

=> to apply for the IPhU Graduate School at the M2 level and ask for a scholarship: fill the online application form for the GS/M2 here.

After this initial (pre-)selection of candidates to join the Graduate School, since the Physics of the Universe Master program of the Graduate School is rooted into the Master of Physics at the Aix-Marseille University (AMU), enrollments must be confirmed by an additional and mandatory step required by AMU:

Candidates have to complete their application either through the Campus France procedure or the e-candidat online application: successful candidates for the Graduate School will be asked to complete the Admission procedure for the AMU Master of Physics. Application for the M2-year of the Master in Physics:

  • e-candidat: open from April 1, 2021 up to mid-July, 2021 (select "Master 2 Physique : Physique MARSEILLE Saint-Charles") and ongoing University response for acceptance or refusal.
  • Campus France process: see Master's degree in physics - Physics Track. Closing date for Campus France application is March 31, 2021, and then transmission to AMU as target university and ongoing University response for acceptance or refusal for enrollment at AMU.

Please, note that this is the last selection step and do pay attention to the Campus France and the e-candidate deadlines, especially those regarding the application for the 2nd Master year.

Applications received two weeks prior the respective deadlines (Campus France or e-candidate), will no longer be considered by the IPhU committee; they must be directly completed through the Campus France or e-candidate process according to the Admission procedure. Through this channel, only the enrollment in the IPhU Graduate School might be reconsidered (not the application for a studentship).

Deadline to submit applications for the IPhU Graduate School is set at: May 15, 2021

IPhU response would be given approximately end of May: short list & waiting list + Conditional IPhU approval for a Master fellowship.

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To enter into the IPhU Graduate School and ask for a scholarship: fill the online application form here.

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