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Liste des projets financés par l'Institut dans le cadre de l'AAP "Recherche" n°2

Projets « Recherche » 2021

L' institut a lancé un nouvel AAP "Recherche" avec pour objectif de financer des projets de recherche à hauteur de 25 000€/projet. Celui-ci comporte un volet principal ainsi qu'un volet complémentaire visant à promouvoir la continuité recherche/pédagogie.

Projets et Porteurs  Description

3D-printed long fiber architectured materials applied to elongated-body soft swimming biomimicry-robots

Guilherme MACHADO (Laboratoires LMA  & IUSTI)

Our goal is to use the 3D-printed long fiber composites AM to develop a demonstrator prototype as tool to understand the mechanical functional consequences of the fibers and other aspects of elongate body morphology in soft swimming robots, and to help develop robotic devices. 

CALPREPOL - Calorimétrie sous haute pression des binaires ou ternaires eau-polymèreCO2

Jean-Henry FERRASSE (Laboratoire M2P2)

Polymers are widely used in industry nowadays. Their processing using supercritical CO2 and more recently their valorization once wasted through sub-critical water liquefication processes are bringing a growing interest as green alternatives processes. These emerging applications require thermodynamics data for non-standard operating conditions (high pressure, high temperature). CALPREPOL aims at developing high precision calorimetric measurements for polymer and sub/supercritical fluid systems.

SHOCKPORATION - Interaction of shock wave and biological cells: study of transfection mechanisms

Jérôme GIORDANO (Laboratoires IUSTI & IRPHE)

This study aims to propose the description of possible mechanisms induced by the interaction of a shock wave impinging a cell membrane. More precisely, we attempt to estimate the shear stress on the membrane assuming that the Richtmyer-Meshkov instability drives a vorticity generation at the cell interface. Thus, we develop an original experimental approach based on highspeed microscopy phase contrast to characterize the interaction of shock wave induced by laser breakdown on vesicles or biological cells using.

Suivi d’une cristallisation par microtomographie

Philippe MOULIN (Laboratoires M2P2 & IUSTI)

Crystallization is one of the main processes used in industry to produce, purify or separate solid compounds or products. The research project is to develop a continuous crystallization process allowing to produce a compound or a product With fixed properties by membrane contactor. The objective of the specific IMI project also includes the development of a technique to characterize the created crystals by X-ray microtomography and 3D image analyze.

TraPaNelle et TaCo - Transport de Particules Inertielles et Taylor-Couette

Denis MARTINAND (Laboratoires M2P2 & IUSTI)

This project addreses the transport and mixing of fluid and inertial particules in a Taylor-Couette cell with permeable cylinders. Analytical expressions for the velocity and pressure fields of laminar and vortical flows have been previously obtained in this configuration and we aim at using them to compute the advection of particules in order to get new insight into their inhomogeneous and unsteady transport. To do so, some open questions such as the forces acting on a particule in the vicinity of a permeable wall must be addressed.

Ultrasound for probing the microstructure in sheared concentrated suspensions

Emilie FRANCESCHINI (Laboratoires LMA & IUSTI)

Developing experimental technique to measure the microstructure of opaque concentrated suspensions of particles is essential to progress in the understanding of their rheology. The objectives of our project are (1) to develop a novel ultrasound tool to measure the microstructure of concentrated suspensions, and (2) establish the rheology-microstructure relationship in suspensions of red blood cells by using this ultrasound tool and dedicated numerical simulations.
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