Sustainable Development (SD) points of contact

Référents Développement Durable

To work collectively, and therefore effectively, the Sustainable Development Department (DDD) is enriched by the skills of the DD referees who wish to be involved within their structure. A dynamic network of 42 points of contact (components, central services and common services) works closely with the sustainable development team.

1. Presentation

This network is representative of our entire university community (BIATSS, teacher-researchers, students). This makes it possible to approach the various actions of the University's Green Plan from several points of view with the certainty of involving all audiences.

In addition to the work done with the SD team, the SD representatives have an important role within their own structure (campus, component, laboratory, management, department, etc.):

  • they inform the SD team of the progress of their structure and site projects related to sustainable development
  • they relay information about the SD team's projects on their website
  • they co-produce by participating in working groups on themes and transversal projects
  • they set an example by being active in the implementation of the University's sustainable development policy
  • they are the spokespeople for the good practices of their structure or site

It is for this reason that we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the local SD focal point(s) and contact them to further enrich this collective work.

2. Information and contacts

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