Institute for Mechanical Science and Engineering - IMI

A wide community of scientists and state-of-the-art research facilities in mechanical engineering (fluids and solids), acoustics, energy and chemical engineering.

Understanding deformation, movement and transfer in fluid and solid media is a requirement not only to design innovative airplanes, but also to analyse the atmosphere or the locomotion of micro-organisms for examples. The institute of mechanical sciences and engineering aggregates world -class research teams totalising 200 researchers involved in top level academic programs. Our mission is to extend the knowledge in our disciplines, to develop new models, solving methods and innovative characterisation methods to tackle the complex and multidisciplinary problems of industry or of related scientific domains (geosciences, biology, environment, energy…)

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Nicolas Vandenberghe

49 rue Frédéric Joliot Curie
13384 Marseille Cedex 13 | FRANCE

Institute for Mechanical Science and Engineering - IMI
Acoustics, Biomechanics, Energetics
Geophysics, Interfaces, Materials
Fluid mechanics, Solid mechanics
Processes, Complex Systems
Nicolas Vandenberghe