Validation of Prior Learning (VPE)

Validation des Acquis de l'Expérience

The VAE allows you to obtain a diploma, a title or a certificate of professional qualification.
The candidate must complete a file detailing his or her professional experience and the skills acquired, demonstrating the ability to think and analyze. He can choose to be accompanied during this process and this accompaniment can be done at a distance.
They then appear before a selection board which decides to validate all or part of the diploma in question. In the case of partial validation of prior learning, the candidate is offered instructions on how to obtain the entire diploma.


EAV is encouraged during this period of confinement!

Indeed, the OPCOs and Transitions Pro are authorised to finance the EAV courses on a lump sum basis, from the positioning to the jury, including the accompaniment to the constitution of the admissibility file.
The amount of this funding can be up to €3,000.
The aim of this measure is to facilitate access to the EAV scheme in the current period.
It applies until a date fixed by decree, and until 31 December 2020 at the latest.

Click to see theOrder No. 2020-387 of 1 April 2020(art 2)

Don't wait any longer, get in touch with our team:

  • All your steps can be carried out remotely
  • Our advisers are at your disposal
  • We offer you an individualized accompaniment

Aix-Marseille University offers the possibility to validate :

  • the national diplomas it delivers (unless otherwise regulated),
  • the university degrees she has listed in the National Occupational Certification Registry.

This process has a cost, but it can be financed (by your CPF, your employer, the Pôle emploi or the Conseil Régional PACA, etc.).

This type of certification was created by the Act of 17 January 2002 and, for higher education establishments, by Decree No. 2002-590 of 24 April 2002.

1. Documents/resources for the presentation of EAV


2. Conditions of access

You must have acquired at least one year's experience directly related to the degree in question.

Acquired skills that can be validated are all professional skills resulting from paid, self-employed or voluntary activities, carried out continuously or intermittently.

3. The stages of EAV

Here are the 5 main steps of the EAV process:

  1. Welcome, information and orientation
  2. Orientation interview, choice of diploma and feasibility
  3. Request for admissibility
  4. VAE file (optional accompaniment in person or remotely)
  5. VAE Jury (partial, total validation or refusal)

Schéma des étapes VAE

4. Personalized accompaniment

For every trainee of continuing professional development, a personalized accompaniment is proposed (link to come) in the form of a helping relationship (sophrology) and workshops. This free service is different from the specific VAE accompaniment.

A workshop to prepare for the VAE jury's oral exam, in 3 sessions, is also set up on the site of the Continuing Vocational Training Service at 23 rue Gaston de Saporta (dates to come):

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5. Our EAV activity in a few figures*

332 VAE beneficiaries argued before a jury

  • 76.5% total validation
  • 16% partial validation

Most requested diplomas

>> professional license Health product promotion professions

  • success rate: 82%.
  • partial validation: 12%.

>> professional licence Industry professions: Aeronautics industry

  • success rate: 80%.
  • partial validation: 3%.

>> Master MEEF - Teaching, Education and Training profession

  • success rate: 71.4%.
  • partial validation: 22.8

Accompaniment in 2019

148 accompanied candidates

Satisfaction rate 2019

90.7% of EAV recipients are statistically

*reference figures 2019


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