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1. a publishing house and two brands: PUP and PUAM, the plot of a story

The primary purpose of the University Press is to disseminate the research work of both AMU and other universities, and to promote excellence in scientific production at a national or even international level. For more than forty years, the PUPs and PUAMs have published academic work in the humanities and hard sciences (PUP) and legal sciences (PUAM) respectively. Their books are aimed at teacher-researchers, students, professionals and any public interested in the issues addressed.

As a showcase of know-how, they are an invaluable tool for promoting and symbolizing quality for institutions: of the top 100 universities in the Shanghai ranking, 90 have world-renowned university presses. Behind the university presses in Rennes, the university presses in Aix-Marseille are the most dynamic and productive in France. This productivity is never achieved at the expense of quality, with equal attention given to both the criteria of scientific requirements in the selection of manuscripts and the aesthetic and material characteristics of the book object.

The scientific interest shown in their work and the support provided throughout the production process is highly appreciated by the authors of the Presses, who do not find the same close relationship elsewhere.

Attentive to developments and readers' requests, the Presses cooperate with CLEO to put the journals online (, the digitisation programme of the collection and the publication of digital books (

At the origin of the Presses universitaires d'Aix-Marseille Université, two publishing houses:

  • Les Presses universitaires de Provence (PUP)

Associated with the Faculty of Arts, Letters, Languages and Humanities (ALLSH), the PUPs have been publishing books and journals dedicated to the humanities for over 40 years, which have made them nationally renowned. Aiming at a wide audience, their collections have been opened since 2012 to other fields of study, including economics and management and the so-called "hard" sciences. The publishing house, whose operations are similar to those of a private publisher, markets its books in France and abroad through a distributor (AFPU-D), the main French distributor of university books, and a distributor (SODIS, a Gallimard subsidiary).

  • Les Presses universitaires d'Aix-Marseille (PUAM)

Associated with the Faculty of Law and Political Science and created in 1976, PUAM mainly publishes books in all fields of law, the history of law and political science. They produce about fifty books a year: monographs, collective works, legal journals such as the Revue de la Recherche Juridique created more than forty years ago. PUAM also offers publications at the crossroads between several disciplines, such as those in the "Economic Ethics" collection. PUAM books are available for direct sale and on site, through specialized booksellers or on the Internet.

Thanks to the recognition and notoriety acquired over the years, the two brands, now united in a common service, retain their own identity. They have a new setting: the Maison de la recherche, on the Aix campus. A place of strong symbolism, where knowledge is created.

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