Several workshops open to bonuses:

- Initiation Workshop - Aix - Bonus Theatre
First approach to theatre, practical exercises, stage games, improvisation...

- Workshop show assembly - Aix - Theatre Bonus
In addition to the exercises, stage games and improvisation, there will also be text work for a public performance at the end of the year.

- Panama Theatre Workshop - Marseille Luminy - Theatre Bonus
The first semester is dedicated to the broad exploration of theatrical practice through numerous games, improvisation and theatre exercises.. In the second semester, a show adapted to the specificity of the group of registered students is staged and exchanges of theatrical practices with students. German are organized.

- Canebière Theatre Workshop - Marseille Centre - Bonus Culture - Theatre
Practical exercises, stage games, voice and body work, improvisation and text work...

And also:

- Pratik'Théâtr / Théâtre Vitez Workshops - Aix and Marseille
Every year, a dozen amateur workshops open to all, led by theatre students, are offered in connection with the university. These workshops, for the creation of shows, give rise to the Festival "3 days and more..." on the stage of the Théâtre Vitez and at the Théâtre de Lenche in Marseille.


Bandeau Vitez

Antoine Vitez Theater

Located in Aix-en-Provence on the Schuman campus of Aix-Marseille University, the Théâtre Antoine Vitez offers a resolutely contemporary programme, in constant dialogue with young artists.
 A place where academic, professional and amateur logics are mixed, it is a theatre of diffusion, creation, research and application open to all.

PACTE'AMU rate : 3€ for all Aix-Marseille University students upon presentation of the student card.

Programming and information on the Théâtre Vitez website


Thanks to PACTE'AMU you can benefit from reductions on the youth/student rate in the following structures:

Les théâtres
The Theatres - Aix & Marseille (-5€ on the student rate)

Théâtre de la Criée
Théâtre de la Criée - Marseille (-5€ to -10€ on the student rate)

The ZEF - Marseille (-5€ on the student rate)

Théâtre Joliette
Théâtre Joliette Minoterie - Marseille (-3€ on the student rate)

Théâtre Toursky
Théâtre Toursky -Marseille (-10€ on the student rate)

Théâtre Massalia -Marseille (-5€ on the student rate)

3bisf - Aix-en-Pce (-3€ on the student rate)

Logo les salins
Les Salins - Martigues (-5€ on the student rate)

Logo Théâtre d'Arles
Arles Theater (-5€ on the student rate)

Théâtre de la passerelle
Théâtre de la Passerelle - Gap (-5€ on the student rate)

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