Student Emissary Bonus

Student emissaries (from L2 to M1)" activity: this bonus is designed to enhance the commitment of AMU students in the field of guidance for general and technological high school students in the Aix-Marseille Academy. They work primarily, but not exclusively, with students from their lycée of origin. Each year, as part of the PANORAMA program, the SUIO team will propose missions to partner establishments.

The role of student emissaries is to :

- INFORM about all the courses and services available at AMU

- SHARE their experience of training and student life at the university through their testimonials

- WELCOME high school students and their parents at meetings on campus or at external events

- CONTRIBUTE to the reputation of the university

Location : All AMU sites

Contacts :

Places offered : 180 per semester

Website and registration h ttps://


Skills :

Demonstrate motivation and self-confidence self-confidence

Act autonomously and responsibly

  • Manage stress
  • Communicate
  • Public speaking
  • Manage time
  • Working in a team
  • Leading a group
  • Respect ethical principles and deontology
  • Enhance/mobilize interpersonal skills : listening and empathy


2 grading levels:

+ 0.25: rewarding the student emissary for having carried out one or more missions involving a total of at least 8 hours of intervention during the semester (including preparation, travel and training time).


+ 0.50: if the student has carried out one or more assignments involving a total of at least 16 hours of work during the semester (including preparation, travel and training).



Procedures for collecting results

The SUIO sends a certificate of attendance for the compulsory training course attended by the student. The principal of the high school where the student was assigned signs and certifies the tasks performed by the student on an ad hoc certificate. The student sends the signed certificate to the SUIO teacher in charge of the program at AMU level. The referent teacher forwards the certificate and the corresponding grading level to the relevant school.

student emissaries