The steering bodies


The supervisory Committee

The supervisory bodies' steering committee is a committee of strategic importance. It is made up of representatives of the supervisory bodies of the research units and the institutions to which the components and schools are attached and meets annually.

To this end, the steering committee :

- Appoints the Director of the institute (scientific and technical manager, RST) on the proposal of the institute council;
- Validates the roadmap and its annual update;
- Validates the roadmap and its annual update; Issues an opinion and recommendations on the adequacy between the roadmap and the budget;
- Validates the investments of the year n+1


- AMU: Mr. ENOCH Stefan (Principal representative)
- CEA: Mr PROVITINA Olivier (Principal representative)
- CNRS: Mr GERARD Jean-François (Principal Representative)
- ECM: Mr ALONSO Miguel (Principal Representative)



Scientific & Training Advisory Board (STAB)

The Advisory Board is made up of 6 external scientific personalities, equally divided between men and women. It meets annually and issues an opinion on the report presented by the Institute's Director.
The members of this Advisory Board are

  • Antoine Baceiredo, Director of Research at the CNRS, Director of the Toulouse Institute of Chemistry, Paul Sabatier University - Toulouse, France.
  • Henri Cramail, Professor, Head of the Biopolymers and bio-based polymers team, University of Bor-deaux - France.
  • Eugen Rabkin, Professor, Head of the Solid State Thermodynamics Laboratory, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology - Haifa, Israel.
  • Sylvie Rousset, Director of Research at CNRS, Director of the Department of Scientific and Technical Information CNRS, University Paris Diderot - France.
  • Isabelle Sagnes, Research Director at CNRS, coordinator of RENATECH (French national network of nanofabrication), Université Paris Saclay - France.
  • Patrik Schmucki, Professor, Chair of Surface and Corrosion Sciences, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg - Germany.


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