Sport at the University

Le sport a l'universite

1. The challenges of university sport

Aix Marseille University is sporting! It aims at several development axes:

  • Sport for all, students and staff
  • Strengthening competitive practices
  • Animation of campuses through the organization of sports events
  • Support and follow-up of top athletes

2.Who are the actors of university sport?

Several actors are working together to boost university sport.

SUAPS, the university's joint service, is responsible for organizing, teaching and promoting physical and sports activities for students and staff. It is present on all university campuses. The sports package offered is rich and varied with more than 70 sports activities offered as bonuses, teaching units and free practices. SUAPS also participates in campus activities by offering numerous sporting events and internships. He also participates in the support and follow-up of high-level athletes.

The AS AMU and the Sud Sport U league lead the competitive practice for students wishing to defend the colors of their component and/or their university within the university competitions whatever the sport (s) of preference.

The "Sport Mission" coordinates the university sports policy.

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