Sponsorship and Mentoring

To facilitate their settling at AMU, international students can rely on two systems that will allow them to get the support of local students and teachers.

The student sponsorship program

The International Relations Office of Aix-Marseille University has set up the sponsorship programme BuddySystem developed by the ESN.
The principle is simple: an international student who has come to study at Aix-Marseille University is put in contact with a French student in order to facilitate his or her integration.
The role of the sponsor will be to inform his/her godchild, to guide him/her, and to help him/her make new friends! Via the BuddySystem, both godparents and godchildren are called BUDDY!

You will be free to organize yourself as it suits you best.
It's up to you to make this exchange as rewarding as possible!

How do I become a sponsor or find a sponsor?

  1. Register and complete your profile to increase your chances of finding the perfect Buddy!
  2. Our mobility managers will assign you a Buddy according to the information provided and your expectations regarding sponsorship.
  3. Refer to your dashboard to check your messages and discover your Buddy's profile!



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Mentoring, which is different and complementary to tutoring or sponsorship, is the accompaniment by one of our teachers responsible for the exchange. Throughout your mobility and your stay at AMU, the teacher will advise you, guide you and help you with your procedures.
Ask your mobility manager for more information: check the IRO list of contacts.


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