Service-Learning Intersectoral Cooperation Practices (SL-ICP)


Project name: Service-Learning Intersectoral Cooperation Practices (SL-ICP)
Program: Erasmus+
Theme: Strategic partnership
Key words: Service-Learning, Civic engagement, Institutionalization, Teacher training
Duration: 24 months (start date: November 15, 2022)
Budget: € 235,053
Coordinator: Eurasia net - Bertrand Soulcié
Project leader(s) : Valérie Caraguel - CIVIS OpenLab AMU
Partners :

The partners in this project are all member universities of theCIVIS Alliance.


"Civic engagement: towards the institutionalization of Service-Learning in universities... "

The aim of this project is to disseminate and institutionalize the implementation of Service-Learning in European universities.
To achieve this, it aims to support the various players involved in Service-Learning (students, lecturers, teaching and administrative staff, civil society organizations), in particular through the creation of a directory of Service-Learning practices, the organization of dedicated events and the creation of common course materials.

These innovative learning and teaching practices, which support students' civic commitment and their involvement in social and environmental causes, also enable students to enhance their cross-disciplinary skills and acquire the field experience they need to enter the job market.

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