ISFIN - Seminars, Workshops and Thematic Days

The institute is involved in the organization of various scientific and/or pedagogical meetings such as seminars, workshops and thematic days in close collaboration with its partners. Strengthening links and interactions and developing common projects is one of the main objectives of ISFIN.

These events aim to :

  • stimulate new topics of common interest
  • identify interdisciplinary topics by crossing skills and approaches
  • respond to new emerging needs

In November 2020, two events are planned:

- two seminars for students of the Master of Physics, given by the ISFIN director and an ITER researcher respectively (13 November 2020)
- one day between the two joint laboratories associated with the institute (23 November 2020)

  • LIMMEX joint laboratory AMU-CNRS-CEA (Instrumentation and Measurements in Extreme Environments)
  • the MISTRAL joint AMU-CNRS-ECM-CEA laboratory (Modeling, Inspection and characterization of materials and STRuctures for Advanced Low carbon energies)

This joint inter-laboratory seminar aims to present the research work of each laboratory and to identify the scientific challenges and obstacles that require the pooling and crossing of skills. The program of this seminar, open to members of the joint laboratories, can be downloaded here.

Another seminar on nuclear instrumentation and diagnostics will also be organized between ISFIN, ITER Organisation and CEA in the coming months.


Thematic days